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  1. raybanfoxman

    Some Questions 3 vs 3.5

    More velocity and more shot in the pattern adds a few confidence points to longer shots (3.5s being the biggest, must mean the bestest, yeah?) I don't hunt with a dog, so I like to kill them close. 2 3/4 and 3" shells work fine to that end. Tealsteel #5s work on any duck inside 30 yards (and are...
  2. raybanfoxman

    Orvis Waders, anyone use them?

    I appreciate the response. Been trudging in Cabelas boot-in breathables for going on 10 years now. I'm a slow learner which is apparent when I take inventory of how many sets I've gone through... (5-6?). They seemed to be better made 'back in the day', but now I get half a season before the...
  3. raybanfoxman

    Orvis Waders, anyone use them?

    Been a while gents, Just curious if anyone has used the Orvis SonicSeam bootfoot breathables? I hear good things, but the boots looks like they'd be a lot of work in the mire: Heavy, lots of drag? Any input is appreciated.
  4. raybanfoxman

    Grasslands Hunter Input Meeting - Notes 2018. !!

    I appreciate all the notes, Rick!
  5. raybanfoxman

    Chukar before the rain

    Can not wait for next season.
  6. raybanfoxman

    If you've ever had a bird dog..

    Thanks, dude. Really needed to cry, by myself, at my iPad today. I feel better.
  7. raybanfoxman

    Anyone need a day pass?

    Pass spoken for. Thanks guys.
  8. raybanfoxman

    Anyone need a day pass?

    PMd everyone back but might not be working. 909-240-3043 - Jeff
  9. raybanfoxman

    Anyone need a day pass?

    Today was my last of the season. Have one pass left over, $10 fair? Rancho Cucamonga. Home tomorrow. Feel free to PM me.
  10. raybanfoxman

    New Years high desert walk about.

    Flying home tomorrow. Even if I wasn't feeling like sh*t, I'd still have to work. Let us know how it goes!
  11. raybanfoxman

    Looking for a 20 gauge O/U

    I've looked at those and do like it, except that it's just too low of a ribbed sight for my face. Shouldering it, I was consistently high on the drop at comb. I could already feel the bruised cheek. My dad use to have a Beretta 686 that was a similar design and did the same thing. One day after...
  12. raybanfoxman

    Ocean fishing boat for sell

    Beautiful boat! But, do you have anymore pretty girls? But seriously, nice boat. Wish I was a little further along in my career to afford this setup...
  13. raybanfoxman

    Looking for a 20 gauge O/U

    Evening gents, Looking for a high sight rib 20 OU. Must be able to handle steel. Interchangeable chokes a plus. Whatcha got? Please feel free to PM. Thanks guys!
  14. raybanfoxman

    Kern - advise for a new person?

    They throw 15 ressies as of a week ago. There will be blinds available when they get to your number, but you probably won't want what's left over. 2 and 1a typically shoot the best and each have their own pros and cons. My recommend is to bring someone who has knowledge on Kern and at the very...
  15. raybanfoxman

    Prayers Requested for Skyscaper

    Dylan's therapy session times change daily, making it hard to just show up. The reason for the PM was to get you his current schedule or Dylan's number which is being manned by his family so you can time your visit accordingly. Just didn't want to throw his number out on the open thread.
  16. raybanfoxman

    Tres mas in Nor-cal

    Consider it done!
  17. raybanfoxman

    Prayers Requested for Skyscaper

    PM Sent
  18. raybanfoxman

    Prayers Requested for Skyscaper

    Afternoon guys. I had the opportunity to visit with Dylan yesterday at Casa Colina. The man is broken, but his spirits are high. He wanted me to tell all TOF'ers interested, that if you'd like an update on his status and progress, to please contact him directly. If you don't have Dylan's number...
  19. raybanfoxman

    Chasing (fat) chukar

    Dude. Very nice!
  20. raybanfoxman

    Tres mas in Nor-cal

    Need to get myself to pheasant country one of these days. Very nicely done!