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  1. jsegoria

    Been a hell of a winter in the Sierra

    You boys stay safe. Tough enough job when the weather is good. Definitely a great snow year. John
  2. jsegoria

    So I went for a jog...decided to kill a mountain lion instead

    Always keep your head on a swivel. It is not over until you are back at home. Saw 2 Mountain Lions in D 16 during the same week in two different areas in 2017. I had my 30 06 so I was never concerned. Remarkable animals to watch when they have no idea you are watching them. Seen a lot of cool...
  3. jsegoria

    So I went for a jog...decided to kill a mountain lion instead

    Just for context, I know of a specific case where a mountain lion under a 100 pounds took out a full size Ram that out weighed it by quite a bit. Even a Lion under a 100 can easily drop you. They get you by the back of the neck, you are done. He may gotten his fist jammed downs it mouth and...
  4. jsegoria

    Niland Cherry Toe Again

    I love my labs. I have come between them other dogs that wanted to fight and so have my boys. No one or thing will get a shot at my dogs without going through me and often times my vet and wallet. John
  5. jsegoria

    Niland Cherry Toe Again

    These dogs are high end athletes. They push through pain long before we notice a problem. Montana got a significant puncture wound hunting quail at Niland. We were able to get it to heal on our own. But we had to be very vigilant. Cone of shame for two weeks. Keeping the wound site clean and...
  6. jsegoria

    Decline in Hunters - Who will pay for Conservation?

    I guess we must have all the hunters in Cali. It takes 5 or more years to draw a rifle tag in a premium zone, they are always 30 or more guys on the sweatline at SJ, Wister still draws a good crowd, D16 draws plenty of interest and turkey hunters are everywhere. There are definitely less hunters...
  7. jsegoria

    Got my Mallard mount back!

    Looks like the infamous tweaker Mallard. See them down around Wister. Pretty sketchy duck. Watch your stuff if you see one. They tend to hang out in small groups. John
  8. jsegoria

    Bandtailed Pigeon Hunting

    Yep. You have to use it for something if you didnt use it to pack out a deer. I imagine it can handle 2 Bandtail. John
  9. jsegoria


    Don't get me wrong. I have nothing but respect for the Apex Predators. There just is not enough habitat left in this state to sustain them. I wish this were not the case. John
  10. jsegoria


    Yep. Good read. It would be problematic getting them back in Cali. They will not stay in a defined area. I have dealt with a lot of Black Bears in Cali which are nothing like Black Bears in other states. People who think they can simply haze off a Grizzly raiding your camp like you would a Cali...
  11. jsegoria

    New World Record?

    What a bunch of crap. John
  12. jsegoria

    New murder weapon....

    You will regret it. You will miss those long slogs to your secret spot. Seriously, I don’t know how you could do that hike every season. You should find some good spots with your new rig. Hope your bass fishing is going well. Was going to fish Hodges today but my tow rig needs to be checked out...
  13. jsegoria

    Crappie: April 27th

    Crappie, it is whats for dinner. They are biting. I picked up 4 and then had to leave. Small, curly tail chartreuse grubs with a Crappie nugget. John
  14. jsegoria

    youth deer?

    It is an either sex tag. My son got lucky and hunted it two years in a row just two years back. He was passing on nice sized does all day long before he decided to take one. No issues filling his tag. The problem last fall was they moved the Junior Hunt back so late that those deer were...
  15. jsegoria

    youth deer?

  16. jsegoria

    youth deer?

    Fort Hunter Liggett. Either sex tag. John
  17. jsegoria

    Eastern Sierras April 13th

    Here are some pics.The better ones are my son's camera. Still needs to be downloaded. John
  18. jsegoria

    Eastern Sierras April 13th

    Tonight. Still up here. Just fished Hot Creek for 2 hours. 8 or 10 on the fly. Gave an elderly lady a 20 minute tutorial on how to nymph. Gave her some flies set up her fly rod. Turned around and she was hooked up. John
  19. jsegoria

    Eastern Sierras April 13th

    Spending some time up in the Eastern Sierras for my son's photo project. Managed to fly fish the East Walker for 2 hours today. Tough with the wind but got one nice Bow to hand and got smoked by a larger one. Bridgeport Res is ice free. Crowley is ice free. Upper and Lower Twin Lakes in...
  20. jsegoria

    Wheel Chair Turkeys

    Great job getting friends on birds. I am sure they appreciate your efforts. John