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  1. madhunter

    D7 3x3

    Hell yeah, great buck!
  2. madhunter

    What off-season?

    In my area I think it's about 8 acres per cow without irrigation. I dry farm wheat hay in the winter that we bail up and feed in the summer. I also get spent grains from a local brewery The big operations around here truck them into my area for the winter then haul them back to Nevada...
  3. madhunter

    What off-season?

    I'm running about 20 cows and a buddy and I own a bull. Almost all Black Angus with a little Charolais thrown in, bull is certified BA. I started about 5 years ago and I am slowly building up my numbers. I have 15 calves on the ground and almost finished for the season. When you are trying...
  4. madhunter

    Mallard Hybird

    Pretty cool, thanks for posting the picture.
  5. madhunter

    Cold Bay Alaska

    Awesome. Man you must have a big lab ...
  6. madhunter

    Road trip...

    Very nice
  7. madhunter

    A first ~ tule cow

    Awesome, great job.
  8. madhunter

    Son's first deer

    Sweet deal. Congrats to the mighty hunter and dad!
  9. madhunter

    Oh sweet Jesus.

    Evolution will happen, it just takes time.
  10. madhunter

    Kids listening to AC/DC

    That's what I play in the pickup when I take the kids to their first day of school. Get them pumped for another year, I'm already pumped because their butts are going back to school.
  11. madhunter

    Poormans sheep

    Nice job. See any dove?
  12. madhunter

    Dickweed's CO buck

    Great buck. Someone on here should be able to help post the video. Congrats DW Sr and DW Jr!
  13. madhunter

    SE Alaska deer & duck

    Looks like a great time. In one picture it looks like you are pretty close to town. Were you near the airport?
  14. madhunter

    Studly D-16 Buck Down

    Awesome, looks like a great mature buck.
  15. madhunter

    Dead deer.......

    Nice job! I need to train my dogs to help pack out deer, I'm jealous.
  16. madhunter

    Wolf killed by elk hunter in self defense

    I signed up a couple years ago to get updates on the Oregon Wolves from the Oregon Dept. of F & W, it is pretty interesting. My wild guess (with absolutely no scientific back ground) is a dispersal wolf should be getting down near the Hwy 80 corridor within a 2-4 years. If it finds a mate and...
  17. madhunter

    The old mans 270

    That's good stuff right there. I have the same gun in .308 my grandpa gave me when I started hunting, I think it even has the same shoulder sling yours does. Good luck with the other 8.
  18. madhunter

    How are the Dodgers doing?

    That was a great world series, best two teams in the majors.
  19. madhunter

    Wolf killed by elk hunter in self defense

    Check this out: