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  1. MarshRat

    What happened to ilovesprig?

    Trolled! Since I know Steve personally, it was a JOKE! Too many TOFers are humorless!!!! Glad I am leaving this state! Let Wister rot away!!!!! Along with the San Jacinto Housing and Commercial Development and the Federal closure of Kern!!!
  2. MarshRat

    What happened to ilovesprig?

    I still haven't figured out who this "sprig" person is that Steve loves? Wife? Husband? Son? Daughter? Nephew? Niece? Hmmmmmmm???
  3. MarshRat

    saying goodbye to California

    Well, I retired eight years ago, so neener, neener, neener!!! ROFL!!!! And while you are hunting Elk, I will be shooing them out of my yard! Nothing tears up a well manicured lawn like an 800 pound elk traipsing all over it. But seriously, New Mexico has some beautiful hunting, as does...
  4. MarshRat

    saying goodbye to California

    Well, OutdoorPlay, you are not the only one leaving California or leaving Garden Grove. We are expecting our first Grandchild and our daughter lives in Arvada, Colorado. Therefore, in January, we are moving to Colorado. If I understood the video correctly, you make extremely powerful pressure...
  5. MarshRat

    Coleman Maxa 3000 OHV Generator $100

    It does have the frame, but there are no wheels on it. You might be able to attach some wheels fairly easily.
  6. MarshRat

    Coleman Maxa 3000 OHV Generator $100

    As we are getting ready to move to another state, we are trying to sell stuff so we don't have to move it. While the generator is not new, it has NEVER been run, never even taken out of the box. The first person to offer $100 for it can have it. I live in Garden Grove. Craigslist has used...
  7. MarshRat

    Ressi Time

    I didn't put in for a Resi last year and I am not going to put in for Resi's this year. Over the past few years, with what I paid and what i was drawn, I figure each resi cost me about $150.00 each. I can get a guided duck or goose hunt for that price in lots of areas!!
  8. MarshRat

    FREE Old ammo

    This one made me chuckle, thank you. I am trying to move LESS to Colorado, not more!!! Years ago, I had a dozen of them things, they do take up room. A dozen 747s take up more room than 100 silo socks!!!
  9. MarshRat

    FREE Old ammo

    I have given the ammo to another Outdoors Forum member, thank you all for the interest. Keep your eyes on this forum, we are packing up for a move to Colorado after the first of the year. As I go through all of my old hunting and camping equipment, I will be posting some of it either 'for...
  10. MarshRat


    What a shame to see politics in the Outdoors Forum. RIP John McCain and THANK YOU for your service to this great nation. There are literally tens of thousands of political forums on the internet and only a handful of quality HUNTING and FISHING forums. Let's keep this one HIGH QUALITY!!!
  11. MarshRat

    FREE Old ammo

    I am cleaning out my garage, reorganizing it, and came across some old ammo. .22, .38, old steel 12 gauge, 30.06 and other miscellaneous stuff. Not a lot, but a couple of hundred rounds. If anyone wants it and is willing to come to Garden Grove to get it, it's yours, FREE. If no one wants...
  12. MarshRat

    Salton Sea Dying -- Will Prop 68 help at all?

    I agree with Slinky_70. And it doesn't even need to be a channel. Just pipe it in from either the Gulf or around the coast in San Diego. The SS is over 200 feel BELOW sea level, so just pipe it to the highest ridge and let gravity take it down to the sea. And if they really want to be...
  13. MarshRat

    2018 Regs Set

    Will they EVER get the Snow Goose population under control? They are getting nearly as bad as the city pigeon!
  14. MarshRat

    Some old San J and Wister maps....

    I cut my "hunting teeth" on the Walker Gun Club as Donnie Walker, Jr. was my dad's cousin (Donnie's mother and dad's mother were sisters). My dad actually drove a tractor, cutting alfalfa on Donnie's farm back in the 1950's. Back in the 1960's, I can remember many a morning there was actually...
  15. MarshRat

    Best Lab Breeders

    From your experience, who are the top 2 or 3 Labrador Breeders in California? We have a Lab from Top Dog Retrievers in Redding, CA and I was wondering if there are any other excellent retriever breeders?
  16. MarshRat

    Final Weekend, where will you be?

    My fat lady sang in April, 2017 and I haven't even fired a shotgun since January, 2017. Let's hope 2018 brings a better year for Matt and I and let's home more birds are pushed down south, there is NOTHING like a Wister Duck Hunt!! We missed it so much this season!
  17. MarshRat

    FINAL APPEAL – People Needed to show up in numbers -Tuesday, November 14th, 1:30 pm – Riverside Boar

    My dad hunted ducks on Big Bear Lake and I had friends hunt the Bolsa Chica Gun Club (now Seal Beach), the perimeter of the Tustin Blimp Base and even the Santa Ana Riverbed. The last deer my Uncle killed was in Corona Hills. It all changes but ducks will always migrate and a few crazy humans...
  18. MarshRat

    Duck Hunting - has it ever been worse?

    While I miss hunting those spoon bills and coots horribly, it looks like I chose a good year to skip dragging the dekes out of storage.
  19. MarshRat

    Shotgun Raffle at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga to Benefit San Jacinto’s Annual Junior Waterfow

    Very nice. My FIRST shotgun, received on my birthday in 1972 was an 870 20 gauge, and I still have it. What a great cause, will try and buy a ticket!