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  1. TheGDog

    Decline in Hunters - Who will pay for Conservation?

    Truer words were never spoken! All those flower-child ex-hippies all went into education. And they've been sitting there spewing their biases into our childrens earholes now for 4+ decades.
  2. TheGDog

    Decline in Hunters - Who will pay for Conservation?

    Well... is it any wonder? The consistently shrink and constrict down road access to places. They make it so you HAVE to do a ton of hoofin' it if ya wanna go any place good. As a result... most people being lazy like they are... tend to congregate nearer to places with road access. So then...
  3. TheGDog

    Serious question for the Duckers

    Why wouldn't you let your dogs around your pond? What is it you're afraid they will do to the pond? (I'm assuming you're afraid of them leaving poop around the banks of the pond maybe?) I'm just asking because I'm in an Urban setting, and we have a pool in the backyard, but we are on the flight...
  4. TheGDog

    rifle sled? for old man

    Oh yeah... if you have shoulder issues... shooting from prone is not fun. Question, why not just have him shoot a round with less recoil though? What are the distances of the shot opportunities? Cause I mean... something like .30-30 is downright pleasant. And .243 Win. is in that same...
  5. TheGDog

    Ideas for a Heat shield/reflector

    You'd only need heat shielding at the section of fencing behind the fire pit, right? I'd have to imagine least expensive solution might be something involving like concrete Hardy backer board maybe? I lay out a sheet of that stuff across two saw horses for lighting our fireworks on, in order...
  6. TheGDog

    Im a grandpa

    Congratulations! Having gotten a late start myself (38yo), and only having 1, I sure hope I even live long enough to see a GrandKid of mine be born.
  7. TheGDog

    Okay, so I'm just going to brag a little bit

    I can't wait til my little guy gets into Middle and High school. It's seriously very very SICK how these infected that... spewers of emotion... are soo hook, line and sinker buying into the touchy-feely Kumbayaa narrative they were givin' in "Loving Spoonfuls" by all their...
  8. TheGDog

    Speaking of young bucks

    Do you Digiscope to take your pics? Or do you just have a big ol' honkin' Telephoto lense?
  9. TheGDog

    Public land archery hog!

    Dude! The picture of the heart is [email protected]! Congrats man!
  10. TheGDog

    A couple young bucks

    Man!... DAyum!... Boy those bucks are soo nice and thick! Like that second picture which is a closeup.. just look at how fat his cheeks are! Wow.. he looks heavier than me! HaHA!
  11. TheGDog

    Knee injections

    "my wives"? Oh wow.. how many?
  12. TheGDog

    Knee injections

    Lose Weight... like your life depended on it. And no.. I am NOT trying to be a jokester when I say this. PS, The Elliptical machine is your friend.
  13. TheGDog

    Turners in Sacramento

    Well... you'll notice on all their adverts that "Not available in Reseda" because their municipality has lumped several additional layers of stupidity onto gun control.
  14. TheGDog

    Turners in Sacramento

    What other chains are there in SoCal? Chains that will have the needed non-lead rounds?
  15. TheGDog

    SOLD****Remington 870 Express 20 Gauge Youth Shotgun For Sale****SOLD

    Thanks Tim, even if it ends up he doesn't, it fit me nice enough that I wouldn't mind running it when I'm doing Rabbits, or calling for Yote/Fox/Bobcat.
  16. TheGDog

    Merry Christmas to me....

    How do you handle it when there's velvet on the antlers? I assume they would have to go into a 3-day pickle as well, right?
  17. TheGDog

    Tis the season...

    Damn man, I gotta give it up to anybody who nails a yote with a bow. So in that picture there, where were you setup at? Where was the caller/decoy at?
  18. TheGDog

    SOLD****Remington 870 Express 20 Gauge Youth Shotgun For Sale****SOLD

    More than likely, we'll be meeting up tomorrow.
  19. TheGDog

    Arizona is getting better and better...

    Pastrami flaps. Beef curtains. You name it... BUaaahahahahaaa...!!! "Beef Curtain" = Ewww! No BatWings, thank you very much.