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  1. meatgetter

    Early Teal Season...

    awesome! i am clueless about boats. what are those things at the stern?
  2. meatgetter

    Duck loads

    Hunter can you PM me with the name of the store you went through?
  3. meatgetter

    Moose Mount

    love it
  4. meatgetter

    Lost my hunting buddy...

    Just sucks. Sorry to hear it MapMan.
  5. meatgetter

    Proud dad moment

  6. meatgetter

    Ducker wants a nice.

    I went in to see Bret but didnt have much time. Had a great conversation and am going to schedule a time to come and see him, shoot a bunch of bows, and do it right.
  7. meatgetter

    Season recap

    Really strong work. A season to be proud of.
  8. meatgetter

    Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, etc.

    Great article Zach and pretty darn accurate. I've been following the latest dip as a result of big players taking short positions on futures. $40k by the end of 2018 isn't unreasonable looking at the charts.
  9. meatgetter

    Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, etc.

    That kind of common actually, and one of the downsides to crypto right now. I had a "friend" who went through a drug phase several years ago. He was paranoid about being caught and so he bought drugs on the internet with Bitcoin. He forgot about the Bitcoin until about 6 months ago. A few...
  10. meatgetter

    Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, etc.

    Nic - ouch. Zach - i heard that. I think the problem is all the "Alt" coins stuffing up the blockchain. Still not acceptable. Also the exchanges and online wallets are struggling to keep up.
  11. meatgetter

    Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, etc.

    Are you in? Are you out? Do you follow the markets? Is the traditional banking and financial system bound to fail?
  12. meatgetter

    Couple Teal mounts

    Love you stuff! You have a great instagram page too.
  13. meatgetter

    Chris Stapleton

    Can't recommend which venue for up north, but all I can say is don't miss it. Fantastic show. His music is even better live!
  14. meatgetter

    Ducker wants a nice.

    Thanks fellas. I will call Bret in the next few weeks. Escondido is a haul but so is anywhere for me. If I have only show a few bows in my life, and not many arrows with each, how do i know what feels good?
  15. meatgetter

    Ducker wants a nice.

    Thanks guys - do those bow shops you mentioned do used bows? I am a cheap MFer but I also want to buy once and have it last. I've been shooting the same shotgun (most of the time) for 15 years and would like to do the same with a bow.
  16. meatgetter

    Season Ressi Review

    Absolutely awful but that didnt stop me.
  17. meatgetter

    Ducker wants a nice.

    I want to dip my toe in the water with my first bow and have a couple of questions...Ideally I'd like to buy used and then have the bow fit to me at a shop. I am a big guy (6'4", 215) - are there any brands that I should stay away from or focus on? Do i need to get fit before buying the bow...
  18. meatgetter

    Like Ducks - Thank a hunter

    Thanks for posting Chessie. The author is an acquaintance of mine. He is a good guy and does a nice job relating hunting to outdoors-types that dont hunt.
  19. meatgetter


    Very nice!
  20. meatgetter

    LAST DAY!!!!~

    Some of you aren't getting it. I'm fine with residents complaining about this place. I complain about it too. It sucks! But having someone who moved away tell me it sucks is ridiculous. That's like the guy who used to live in the house next door to yours moving to a nicer house, in a nicer...