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  1. longduck

    CWA Wister Clean Up Day tomorrow Saturday 30th

    Just put it out there. I wasn't in charge.
  2. longduck

    CWA Wister Clean Up Day tomorrow Saturday 30th

    7am at check station for those who can make it.
  3. longduck

    Adak 2018

  4. longduck

    Today’s strap...

    Right on!
  5. longduck

    Cast N blast day.....

    Right on!
  6. longduck

    Happy Thanksgiving to all TOF members and families.

    Happy Thanksgiving y'all!
  7. longduck

    A Grey Thanksgiving Hunt....

    Nicely done!
  8. longduck

    A Prayer Request.... Please

    Prayers enroute brother!
  9. longduck

    Missed opener

  10. longduck

    Wister rain

  11. longduck

    Early Teal Season...

  12. longduck

    Alaska Brown Bear

    Nice work Breck!
  13. longduck

    NOTE: IN CA you need the new "REAL ID" Licenses to purchase Firearms Now.

    Buddy's friend couldn't buy ammo recently with the "Federal limits apply" license. Think it was Bass Pro Shops.
  14. longduck

    Koufax the warrior...

    RIP Koufax. :(
  15. longduck

    I cannot believe...

    Right on Dylan! ;)
  16. longduck

    What stupid looks like didnt happen to do that at Kern , did you Slayer?
  17. longduck

    Travelers, I need your input

    No frickin way. Trust your gut!
  18. longduck

    Seat-Covers : Do you use them? Who makes a good quality one?

    Had Marathon Seat Covers on last two trucks. Been happy with them.