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  1. Cloak N Dagger

    Only in Texas......Caption this

    Well look who came crawlin out fo the moonshine still. :P Where you been lately buddy? :angry: I hope to be back in here hanging out with y'all soon. Started the new job back around the first of the year, and going to college. I'm about to finish up with school ... I've completed 34 credit...
  2. Cloak N Dagger

    Only in Texas......Caption this

    Latest love triangle exposed on the Springer show
  3. Cloak N Dagger

    Favorite Candy

    Y'all suck !!!!! :angry: :angry: :smiley-boxing-bloody: I'm diabetic :angry:
  4. Cloak N Dagger

    Go Arise...... it's your birthday!!!~

    Happy Birthday Jason! :huh:
  5. Cloak N Dagger

    My Son's first Tom

    Awesome bird, and great pics! Good to see a young hunter enjoying himself!
  6. Cloak N Dagger

    Opening Day Bird!

    Better late than never. :P My 'puter has been in the shop for about a month, so I'm a bit late posting this. :smiley-cool-shades-down: The first Saturday in April was our opening day for Spring Gobbler Season. I got up about 4:30 that morning and listened to the lovely sound of pouring rain...
  7. Cloak N Dagger


    Taught myself to play piano as a kid, by watching my sister play. Almost any brass instrument. Trombone, trumpet, baritone, tuba/sousaphone, and Euphonium. I've played since I was 10 years old, then later in a local orchestra, but the most fun was playing in a little "oompha band" years ago...
  8. Cloak N Dagger

    The Logo Challenge

    Don't worry about the hunt in my case Big Dog. I wouldn't be able to make it anyway. I've got a full plate right now, and I'll be fortunate to get some hunting done locally this year. So you can take mine out of the contest, but feel free to use it if'n you want to.
  9. Cloak N Dagger

    The Logo Challenge

    While I personally disagree with the fact that you are hiding an outdoor activity that also promotes a healthy environment for wildlife ... feel free to use the logo if you like. In my opinion, population control and culling are two very important aspects needed for the balance of the herd...
  10. Cloak N Dagger

    The Logo Challenge

    :thumbs-up-ani: :thumbs-up-ani: :thumbs-up-ani: I think I like it in "yaller" better :lol:
  11. Cloak N Dagger

    Mennonite woman bags record whitetail

    Mennonite woman's November hunt yields record whitetail BY MICHAEL PEARCE The Wichita Eagle HALSTEAD - Paula Wiggers fits the part of her traditional Mennonite faith -- black prayer covering on her head, long home-sewn dress. She sat in her home on Thursday evening with no television, playing...
  12. Cloak N Dagger

    What are your favorite childhood toys??

    My favorite childhood toys. My coonskin cap and double barrel cork gun My pony "Flicker" ... he lived to the ripe old age of 26 And of course, the Schwinn Phantom
  13. Cloak N Dagger

    TOF welcome to "Tracker"

    Welcome to a fellow Virginian! :smiley-2drunks-singing: :smiley-devil: What part of the "Old Dominion" do you live in? I'm tucked away down in the southwestern part of the state ... near Marion. 100 miles SW of Roanoke ... 50 miles from TN ... but "smack dab" in the middle of the Blue...
  14. Cloak N Dagger

    NRA lobbyist resigns over group's Sunday hunting

    Well, I finally found my way back in here. :smiley-2drunks-singing: For those of you who I haven't had a chance to talk with .... I've been busier than a one legged man in an a$$ kicking contest. :P I started a new job about 6 weeks ago, and I also went back to college. So I'm working and...
  15. Cloak N Dagger

    My Apology

    I just wanted to take a few minutes and offer my sincere apologies to any and all members here at TOF for any emails, PM's or forum topics that I have failed to respond to. As a Moderator ... I've been AWOL. :banana-man-yeah: I've been jumping through hoops trying to get the loose ends tied...
  16. Cloak N Dagger

    00Buckshot hits the big 31!

    Ahh yes ... those short years between Diapers and Depends ... enjoy them. Happy Birthday JD! :smiley-bowdown-purple: :thumbs-up-ani:
  17. Cloak N Dagger

    Official Rose Bowl Trash Talk and Poll

    Great Game! Congrats to both teams for a great season!!!!! Vince Young was awesome!!!!! That looked like a Heisman performance. Texas - 41 USC - 38 Texas Longhorns - National Champions!
  18. Cloak N Dagger

    Official Rose Bowl Trash Talk and Poll

    USC up by 1 ... Close Game!
  19. Cloak N Dagger

    Official Rose Bowl Trash Talk and Poll

    USC kicks a field goal USC -10 Texas-16
  20. Cloak N Dagger

    Official Rose Bowl Trash Talk and Poll

    2 minutes left in the 1st half USC - 7 Texas - 16