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  1. JakeT

    spotting scope

    Im looking for a spotting scope. Im thinking about the Vortex Diamondback or the Leopold Ventana 20-60. Not sure about 60 or 80mm. Anybody use either of these optics? Thanks
  2. JakeT

    varmint disposal?

    Leave them for the buzzards they gotta eat.
  3. JakeT

    Three more yotes and a kitty

    Looks like it was a good day,
  4. JakeT

    CA Mule Deer (pics)

    Very cool pics.
  5. JakeT

    First this year.

    Cracked this female at 123yrds. She came into the pup distress call. The ol' JC Higgins .270 dropped her like a hot rock.
  6. JakeT

    Aoudad Hunt - South Texas

    Congrats!! Sounds like a great hunt.
  7. JakeT

    Zeiss Conquest scope

    I got the scope for $400. It came with Leopold base and ringsand Butler caps. I think it's a good deal and he paid shipping. Its the RapidZ800.
  8. JakeT

    Just Another Yote

    Congrats!!! Loooks like a great one.
  9. JakeT


    Hoping full a quick and full recovery.
  10. JakeT

    meat eater

    Just saw the show for the first time this weekend. Made me think about trying to talk the wife into gettin satilite tv. Great show.
  11. JakeT

    Guided goat

    Zach- This is a unit 9 goat. We didn't measure him but that's about what I'd guess.
  12. JakeT

    Guided goat

    Heres a nice goat I guided this year. His wife got a really big nice goat.
  13. JakeT

    Zeiss Conquest scope

    I had a hunter offer to sell me a Zeiss Conquest scope for a good price. Any one ever use this glass before? Im thinking hard about getting it an putting it on my 300wsm.
  14. JakeT

    binos with rangefinder

    Who is making binos with rangefinders besides Swaro and Leica? Anyone have reviews?
  15. JakeT

    bino harness

    I just got the horn hunters and really like them. I like that i can belly crawl and not ding or scratch my binos. I had crooked horn and they just banged around and couldnt get them to fit.
  16. JakeT


    I have no idea where your post went.
  17. JakeT

    White out

    Here sits my truck after trying to guide this morning in a whiteout, its parked at the lodge. Rough day.
  18. JakeT


    Yea it's spendy but a super nice lodge. Great place to relax.
  19. JakeT


    Yea it's spendy but a super nice lodge. Great place to relax.
  20. JakeT

    Lobster Opener Report

    Looks tasty!