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    Got the smoker goin!!!

    Oh dang, that looks great!! I agree about it being mouth watering. :wub:
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    Blackbuck pics

    Oh wow, those horns!!
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    PMS GUIDE DANGEROUS: "What's for dinner?" SAFER: "Can I help you with dinner?" SAFEST: "Where would you like to go for dinner?" DANGEROUS: "Are you wearing THAT?" SAFER: "Gee, you look good in brown." SAFEST: "Wow! Look at you!" DANGEROUS: "What are you so worked up about?" SAFER: "Could we...
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    I.R. Bobcat video 5/29/2010

    I like Bobcats myself and I'm hearing more and more stories as of late where people seem to be encountering them.
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    Ryteks Smoked Polish Sausage

    Oh, that looks great! It looks like they turned out good. I just ate, but I'm getting hungry again lol.
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    The Kings

    Wow, what a kill!
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    Women predator hunters~
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    Innovations in Peemanship?

    I know I'm new to this forum, is it bad to say that I would love one of those?? LOL
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    Awww, that is so cute! I know that you must be real proud of her! :beer-toast:
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    Info on hunting in other states

    Wow, what a great link with lots of valuable info on it. Thanks for sharing. I'll be adding that one to my favorites!