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    Training Birds..

    Just remember even if you buy them in San Diego,you can't transport them into riverside co.
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    Lab wanted

    What color? What's your budget?send me a pm
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    What happened to ilovesprig?

    There was a sighting of him at sister this morning.Regarding the conditions at sister??Dismal is a word that comes to mind.
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    Wister deathly this

    2 spoonies shot yesterday???? Wth has happened?
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    10/20 Reservation are up.

    Sweet with a 11 I am thinking w12
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    10/20 Reservation are up.

    I am all over it,do you think Tom can tell us a good blind?And maybe how to set up our decoys?
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    10/20 Reservation are up.

    I know he would
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    Redding and Shasta Area Fire

    Unfortunately one of my friends lost their house on Friday.He lost a very impressive deer mount collection of over 5o years of Shasta county bucks.It was one of the most impressive deer collections I've ever seen.He was able to get all his guns and pictures out.Really a sad day.
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    Do your research,get a good quality pup from a great breeder.Make sure all the health testing has been done on the parents and get a 26 .month guarantee.The huge health issue I see is EIC,make sure the dog is not affected with these genes.Nothing worse to see then a EIC seizure while out in the...
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    Season Ressi Review

    Season long , San jac, kern, wister, ldc, develan.numerous weekends at other say valley refuges.I pulled 1 Saturday at wister.3 Sundays at wister, 1 Howard slough on a Sunday and a develan on a sunday.
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    Wister - has the fat lady sang yet?

    Better head north for the rest of the season.
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    Duck Hunting - has it ever been worse?

    Get there early so Rick can fill you in on all the changes.
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    Senior Wister solo goose hunter requested

    Haha haha another spoonie brother,would love to join in.I will be there for a Sunday draw but I come with baggage in the form of another old geezer!!!
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    What is your favorite part of the hunt?

    When the generators all fire up in the wister camp.
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    Is my Lab too old

    I will have to disagree with you guys, I personally think 6 years old is a cut off.i have raised labs along time and just to many risk involved after 6.just my opinion thou!
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    Sweat lining the opener at Wister - how bad is it?

    I didn't I went and hunted the sea
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    Sweat lining the opener at Wister - how bad is it?

    I believe last year there Were 129 because I think I was 128!
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    Draw for opener

    Well started off as normal unsuccessful all the waybaround
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    Wister scouting question?

    All I want to know is S22 opened again?