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    New blinds for Wister

    Were is the recliner ??? 360 degree lift one with cup holders. Need to take your own gen.
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    Puppies for sale

    Parents? Cost? Dewclaws removed? Shots?
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    Better start stock piling!

    They are going to create a under ground society when the dems have no tax payer left what are they going to do tax the illegals YA RIGHT I would be gone if not for my son and 3 granddaughters.
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    Bump stock

    I just found out what it was dam ingenious of the inventor but you can turn many semi autos to full with less then $100 in tools there are lots of scamatics off the net that will walk you thru, a neighbor friend of my brother in OK has done about 15 of his own starting with a ruger 10-22 when I...
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    Draw for opener

    Marshrat just limit the number of ressi you can put in for a season at each refuge then charge $10 ea tat will weed out all the. DHWW. but it a real cash cow for GF
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    Utah mt goat

    Skeet I'm really late with the congregation good job long way from a X9A tag say hi to your dad for me. Greg
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    Wister Hunter Input Meeting??

    When I was socal refuge director for CWA I attended a number of meetings that always had some good ideas but nothing ever came out of it the state would always say yes and do nothing or they had to study it what a waste of time and gas.
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    Need a box

    Thanks for the info guys, I'm going to try a ups store.
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    Need a box

    I need a box to ship a press back to Dillon it needs to be 36" long by 18" wide by 4" anyone know we're I can buy one I heard of a place in Pasadena that has several thousand different size anyone know of something closer to San Dimas. Thanks
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    Living in Fawnskin

    Steve great place get after them bandtails them mt quail want too go high when pushed a little. Greg
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    Opening Day Success!!!

    Nice all way around SWEEP PEA.
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    Fed Judge Blocks Mag Ban

    Where does it stand right now.
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    I'm back

    Berry I'm moving slow but I'm going to give it a shot and go slow.
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    Altitude sickness

    Skeet small back pack oxygen unit.
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    Rechargeable LED Flashlights

    Taclight works great for me
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    Screwed up on points.

    In 2007 I drew a goat tag along with a X9A and a cow elk as a alternate I passed on the cow elk tag when DFG called me, also drew a Utah cow tag I really wanted a tule bull tag that would have given me elk slam, I think I'll will put in for a cow tag.
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    East Highline

    Ya but wish I was OK.
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    Screwed up on points.

    I had max elk points going into this year not that I figured I would draw BUT, I forgot to mail in for a point I doubt I'll ever draw using points, I'll buy my Wy goat point that will give me 4.
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    Decided to stock up on some powder Red Dot Blue Dot H380 H414. figured I would when I could.
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    Hunting knife

    For sure the results don't have to be pretty. :thumbs-up-blue: If you use a very fine blade like 24 teeth zips right thru bone or frozen meat