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  1. Wister Junkie

    IV Fishing

    Used nightcrawlers for some good action on cats and carp. Thanks for the help
  2. Wister Junkie

    IV Fishing

    Gonna hit up some canals tomorrow, any advice on what bait to use for cats? Thanks
  3. Wister Junkie

    The end of an era

    That is awesome! My son was born this year, I hope he gets the hunt addiction! Great job!
  4. Wister Junkie

    Final week where will you be

    Packing for my NM Barbary hunt!
  5. Wister Junkie

    Got my Mallard mount back!

    Looking sweet!
  6. Wister Junkie

    San Jacinto- can you purchase type A pass there?

    Have a res for tomorrow there, but no type A pass, can I get one there? Thanks
  7. Wister Junkie

    What happened to ilovesprig?

    He doesn't love spring anymore, he converted to spoonies last year
  8. Wister Junkie

    Adak 2018

  9. Wister Junkie

    Got a first

    Got my first Imperial Valley wood duck today. Rest of day was slooooooooow.
  10. Wister Junkie

    Wister deathly this

    I believe that pic with the green table is from a few years ago
  11. Wister Junkie


    Straight killers! Feel sorry for whatever team has to play them!
  12. Wister Junkie

    Smoked Duck?

    Got a pellet grill and wanted to know if anyone smokes their ducks. Most recipies online were with farm raised ducks, not wild. I'm thinking skin on and smoked might turn out ok. Any recipies/tips appreciated.
  13. Wister Junkie

    Deer Hunting Tips & Tactics

    I like your YouTube content!
  14. Wister Junkie

    Missed opener

    Had to work opener, made it down Wednesday. Birds worked in perfect, 1 bird shy of 2 man limits by 1100.
  15. Wister Junkie

    Sitka Gear 3XL 90% Pant and Jacket

    Like new condition, only used a few times. $150 plus shipping. Thanks
  16. Wister Junkie

    Paul C here I come

    Dang Mike, sorry to hear you missed, but sounds like you guys had a fun month!
  17. Wister Junkie

    10/20/18 Where will you be?

    Working night shift! No opener for me, good luck to everyone.
  18. Wister Junkie

    We did OK

  19. Wister Junkie

    NM Elk

    Headed out Saturday for New Mexico. Stopped by Cabelas in Phoenix, scored some lightweight breathable hip waders in the bargain cave. The hunt started Monday morning. I was out listening for bugles before sunrise, but it was all quiet. I was on a ranch only landowner tag, so I headed to a...