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  1. fishingkid

    Tagged out

    Congrats skeet.
  2. fishingkid

    Type a waterfowl pass

    Anyone need one for last weekend of the season I have 1 type a waterfowl pass I will not use. Pick up by canyon lake.
  3. fishingkid


    0 reservations for me all season
  4. fishingkid

    Anyone in socal have beetles for Euro mount?

    I have a friend I helped harvest his first buck this year looking for someone with beetles in socal who can get it cleaned up. I have it skinned out in the freezer currently. I had ed help me out with one few years back with his beetles when he was in socal turned out awesome for my cousin.
  5. fishingkid

    Real ID CDL???

    Just renewed my CDL and got real ID $45 later what a joke. Glad I didn’t have to hassle retaking test and endorsements
  6. fishingkid

    Bass Pro chooses Mastercard

    Dam and I thought I was doing good with $30 in points I usually never let it get passed $20
  7. fishingkid

    Bass Pro chooses Mastercard

    Is there a cap on points on the bass pro or cabelas card?
  8. fishingkid

    Season Ressi Review

    I drew 1 wister Sunday all season
  9. fishingkid

    Need A New Game Butcher

    Long drive for you but Scotts custom meats in Perris is great.
  10. fishingkid

    Help fitting a vest

    I have had few Weimaraner's which also have extremely deep chest I was able to trim them up with scissors and get them to fit great
  11. fishingkid


    I love my vortex viper HD 10x42 plan to purchase a set of 15's and a tripod before next season.
  12. fishingkid

    Son's first deer

    That's awesome Manny congrats to you and your son. You guys definitely put the time in cool to see he was rewarded for his efforts.
  13. fishingkid

    Deer scent?

    Good luck Manny hopefully better luck than last year. Last year your boy put his time in I hope it pays off for him this year.
  14. fishingkid

    Wister question

    Make sure you sign into location before pulling anything out of your truck or walking away from it in the overnight camp ground Rick will chase you down.
  15. fishingkid

    Sweat lining the opener at Wister - how bad is it?

    If I recall correctly there was over 100 in the sweatline last year.
  16. fishingkid

    Absolute Donkey Yellowtail

    Congrats kristyn
  17. fishingkid

    Muzzy bucks

    Dam congrats skeet looks like a great time with the family.
  18. fishingkid

    Vegas shooting