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  1. bgundog35

    Wister camground closure

    Thanks for the update Matt .
  2. bgundog35

    Repro Bass

    Yes Matt , Going into doing Reproductions, fun to do. Hope all is well.
  3. bgundog35

    Repro Bass

    Painted this one up for my sons B day gift, he caught his 8 pounder at BalckHawk, Madera County.
  4. bgundog35

    Labrador Pups Ready to Go

    Mountain Honey Labradors in Jamul has pups available right now. They have strong working lines. Two people I know have purchased pups this last week, very nice dogs. She is located in Jamul.
  5. bgundog35

    No straps for me this season

    Yes , great seeing you and Mike today , and thanks for the compliment, the BWT is on the way
  6. bgundog35

    No straps for me this season

    I envy this strap , I would like a day in the marsh for this one . I put this one up for a client
  7. bgundog35

    Couple pics of Wyatt

    Very cool Mike! Its always a good feeling when you see your pups progress.
  8. bgundog35

    Field & Finished pics

    Very nice Breck!
  9. bgundog35

    Looking for a labrador

    Kali Ranch Labs , In Hemet , yellows and chocolates , 951-775-5486
  10. bgundog35

    My pups first season

    It's always good to see new pups
  11. bgundog35

    Wife is Jealous

    When I mount to many Red Heads :2zho0zs_th: :2zho0zs_th: :smiley-newlaugh-yellow: :smiley-newlaugh-yellow:
  12. bgundog35

    2015 Duck Season Pic's

    Nice on getting some cans! and great pics for this years season everyone
  13. bgundog35

    My pups first season

    From the early training days to game day
  14. bgundog35

    2015 Duck Season Pic's

    My pups first season , 6 months in this pic . She learned a lot this season
  15. bgundog35

    Labrador recommendations

    KALI RANCH LABS , Hemet. i got a Chocolate female from him first of August, She has been great this year. Also the English type . He has a web site
  16. bgundog35

    St. Paul Island video

    WOW ! awesome Breck !
  17. bgundog35

    how was wister today

    Its the mentality these days , no respect! they just don't give a F#####k! "somebody else will clean it up"
  18. bgundog35

    2015 Duck Season Pic's

    We had a great opener , and it was my five month old pup , Remi's first hunt , she did awesome , 19 retrieves.
  19. bgundog35

    WISTER What in the world is going on

    Meeting Adjourned
  20. bgundog35

    Prayers for Max please

    Matt , sorry to hear of your great loss ,and hats off to a great man! may the peace of our Lord God comfort your family at this time .