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    Drew G1

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    I work in healthcare. I got the vaccine. I have noticed that the people who have received the vaccine are DEFINITELY NOT getting covid. There are quite a few of my colleagues who have chosen not to take the vaccine and thats only because they have the anti bodies due to recovering from covid...
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    Cougar Stalks Runner for 6 minutes near Provo, UT

    Much different from my one and only lion encounter. I feel like he should of kept his ground instead of continuously moving. And like mouthcallinmatt said, should have thrown a rock sooner...
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    Took my son for an overnight camp and fish trip to Lake Hemet. Just got back home today. I have never ventured off past the lake boundaries but on the way up and on the way home I couldnt help but notice some areas that look potential for holding deer. Lots of old burned areas with new growth...
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    Results are up

    A16 was my first choice. I drew my third choice A22. Congrats and Good luck!
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    Hunting with a Beagle

    Thank you DKscott for the input. Its funny because I just took him out to a local park yesterday to work on commands and since no one is out low and behold a small flock of quail were at the park. I put him on the scent where they were before they went in the sage brush. Told him to " go get it"...
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    Hunting with a Beagle

    Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there, I have been deer and elk hunting the last 6 years or so. In the off season I will take my beagle out with me to scout and set trail cams just to get him outside. I never had the intention to use him as a hunting dog until recently. As a...
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    2019 Archery Bear

    Very nice bear
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    Last year hunting general tags in California

    Thats the plan for next spring while its still cool. Doing online research I've seen some areas to focus on. Def water is going to be key. Would north facing slopes be used as bedding areas in the desert?
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    Last year hunting general tags in California

    Come to the point where I am going to put all focus on draw hunts after this season. Will be putting in for X zone hunts and interested in D17 since it only a few hours away from me. Anybody ever hunt D17? Seems like it would be great for rifle season. Not sure if I could do that desert heat...
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    Hunting Boots - Recommendations - For SoCal Hot areas

    I typically have been using UA boots for the last several years. They are great for cold areas and out of state but im with you on the socal archery heat. Its brutal and makes it worse while wearing heavy duty boots. I started trail running a couple years back and started wearing altras. Light...
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    Message me. I know some area. Area gets hit super hard though. I don't hunt there any more for that reason.
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    Im fairly close to that area as well. I have spent a good amount of time scouting for deer, and bear there. First time hunting D14 this year so hopefully ill fill a tag there early in the archery season.
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    very nice buck
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    Anyone hunting in this zone this year?
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    Cow Elk down opening weekend in Utah

    Sorry all for the late response. Here are some pictures from field to freezer. Enjoy!
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    Cow Elk down opening weekend in Utah

    Haven't posted on here in a good while. Anyways I took down my first elk opening weekend of rifle season in Utah. Hope everyone has had successful hunting this year thus far. Anyone have any success with deer here in socal yet?
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    North A-zone archery

    I was hunting near Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo this weekend. Saw a ton of doe with fawns. Stalked up on a buck, but it was only a spiker so I couldn't take him.
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    Ill be hunting A zone in July. Havent decided where exactly yet. Last year I went to Figueroa Mountain, but went kinda late in the season. Nothing but does. Going to be in Los Padres National Forest opening weekend.