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  1. slinky_70

    Passing of John Waters

    He was always one of the first ones at the check station even in his last couple years. My boys had nicknamed him Santa Clause because of his deep laugh and long beard. He will be missed. RIP
  2. slinky_70

    Remington Auctioned Off to Seven Bidders in Bankruptcy Court

    these private equity firms are pimps and they treat the companies they purchase as their wh^%ses. scum of the earth. glad i am retired because the last 10 years i worked we were taken over by 3 or 4 private equity and their sole mission was to strip the company and line their pocket. bankruptcy...
  3. slinky_70

    Road issues and opening day

    It will become a viewing point to watch the check station being swallowed
  4. slinky_70

    Road issues and opening day

    That would make to much sense. Put in a crossing guard over the tracks and build the road further east.
  5. slinky_70

    Irvine Lake

    we have caught a lot of trout and catfish on that lake. loved fishing the catfish tournaments
  6. slinky_70

    buying ammo

    Did you have to notify Bolsa prior to the shipment. What did they charge for a transfer fee
  7. slinky_70

    Waterfowl photos/paintings

    Bill's (calisnowhunter) daughter does some pretty good drawing also.
  8. slinky_70

    New Cabelas Ice Chest Cart

    I thought I had attached a pic. it was too large i guess
  9. slinky_70

    New Cabelas Ice Chest Cart

    I have never used this cart. They sell new for $100 I am selling this for $25
  10. slinky_70

    12 Sillosock Flyers

    Sold pending funds
  11. slinky_70

    12 Sillosock Flyers

    I have 12 Sillosock Flyers with the long wing spars for easier setup. I also have the short wing spars that came with them. $75.00 for all 12
  12. slinky_70

    CWA Wister Clean Up Day tomorrow Saturday 30th

    Great advance notice. Guess there was no intention to have a good turnout
  13. slinky_70

    Salton Sea Documentary

    Yet the state and these POS polititions continue to pour billions of dollars into a train that has not use and no future. Hope the Fed is successful in pulling the money back from these worthless liberals. Unfortunately I do not see this state being able to recover. Now our POS governor is going...
  14. slinky_70

    50 doz. Sillosock snows

    We consider any offers
  15. slinky_70

    50 doz. Sillosock snows

    I have 50 doz. sillosock snows in 4 silloguard containers. These are in good condition. Like to get 1500 for all of them
  16. slinky_70

    What happened to ilovesprig?

    DK I had an issue a month or so ago and I was able to correct the issue by deleting my cached password and cache for the web site link
  17. slinky_70

    Wister deathly this

    Rob love to see you up north. When you are up there let us know. We may have to show you some birds LOL
  18. slinky_70

    Wister deathly this

    Where are all the pictures of everyone stuck in the mud this weekend. It must have been one of the worst days in recent years
  19. slinky_70

    How low can dems go

    I wish I lived there. Would have to consider a lawsuit