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    How Much Does a Desert Bighorn Sheep Tag Cost?

    Bret is right. I’ll help all I can, but I drew a long time ago so not sure how valuable my info would be. After the wet winter those sheep are really going to be spread out. And with some disease issues numbers are down. I’ll second the suggestion to call Terry. No one knows those mountains...
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    The old mans 270

    That's fantastic, all the way around! Congrats Tom!
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    Looking for Recommendations for Cabo area

    Cabo does suck! It's a narco infested tourist trap. With limited exception too, I'm afraid the great Baja fishing of 15+ years ago is mostly gone throughout the peninsula. Sure there are flurries and glimpses of the past, but it's nothing like it used to be. Sad. If it has to be the Cabo...
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    Need to freshen up the gear

    X2 on Diawa Proteus rods. Best bang for buck right now. Like a sexy Phenix minus $100+. I also thing the Fathoms are a good choice for the money too, or a step up would be to Avet. keep in mind that with braid and the drag settings these days you can fish much smaller and lighter reels. So...
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    Winter kill in NE CA?

    I'm thinking of dumping CA points this year on a limited archery hunt in Lassen County. How bad has the snow been on the winter range in the Susanville area? Die off? I could continue wait if necessary.
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    Ooops !...I did it again.

    Wow! Breck, you're crazy. You do know Alaska Air also flies to Cabo too right? Sounds like a better December destination to me!
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    My 2017 AZ Archery Buck

    Unreal buddy! Huge congrats man.
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    Thats a wrap on 2016....a year in review...

    Damn! Way to go Bruce. Great season!
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    Roto molded cooler

    Urban Legend has it that RTic is being sued by Yeti for copyright infringement. They are that similar. Take the labels off and you'd be hard pressed to tell which was which. My suggestion is to get em while you can.
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    Kenetrek Boots

    Lowa Tibets for me. But it's all about fit for your feet and that is an entirely personal matter. Whenever I try a new boot I buy at REI thru their special order dept. That way I can actually hunt in and use the boot in real conditions and still return them if they aren't gonna work...
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    Need some 15's for AZ

    Ed and I agree on something!
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    Hog bullet questions

    Barnes TTSX, lighter and faster than typical (as in, if you normally shoot 165 in 30-06, go to 150), or Horndaddy GMX. Prefer the GMX myself as they expand more violently, but the TTSX works if pushed a bit faster.
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    Roto molded cooler

    I have two Yeti's and recently bought 2 Rtic's. I wont buy another Yeti. The coolers are nearly identical, except half the price.
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    Any AR-15 guys

    I have a 1.4x Vortex (Crossfire, I think) with a red dot reticle that I can turn on and off. It has a standard reticle when I want it and a red dot when I want it too. I've killed hogs from 60 yards to 260 yards with it on my 6.8 and I like the ability to turn on the red dot in low light. I...
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    Story Time

    Good job Breck, nice buck and way to stick it out. But buddy, now that the hunt is over, change that darn bow string!
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    A few 2016 island deer

    Good job Andy. Hope all is well buddy.
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    CA does have something to offer...

    Good one #freshlyshorn
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    .223 Rem for Muleys, What would your limitations be?

    I think Hillary is Satan's spawn, but I also agree that an AR is a lousy hunting weapon. And I've killed more critters with my 2 ARs than I have fingers to count them on. They are fun to play around with and I keep one bouncing around in the Jeep because I don't care if it gets scratched up or...
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    .223 Rem for Muleys, What would your limitations be?

    Earhole, but brain stem works well too!
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    .223 Rem for Muleys, What would your limitations be?

    Yeah hogs. Would it do the job under 100 yards? Sure, with good placement. But why limit yourself so much? Deer aren't easy to come by in CA, and if one shows up 220 yds across the canyon, I sure would want more juice. While it may work, it's just not the proper tool for the job.