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  1. action7phil

    !!! San Jac and Wister Update !!!

    Scott Sewell (CDFW) asked me to distribute this. CDFW will be holding a public Microsoft Teams Meeting/conference call on Friday, September 25th at 2:00pm to discuss the 2020 check in procedures for San Jac and Wister. I encourage all those who can attend to do so. Conf. Call #: 916-535-0984...
  2. action7phil

    Bird Quarantine: club contact information

    Looks like the quarantine may be lifted March 1!!!
  3. action7phil

    Pads for dog crates?

    this is the one i have. really like it.
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    look on facebook. This site is dead...
  5. action7phil

    buying ammo

    I just did a Rogers to Bolsa Gunsmithing shell shipment and it worked out fine but they charge a transfer fee.
  6. action7phil

    buying ammo

    Yes, call Rogers and make sure they have Bass Pro’s FFL on file and then you pay and have it shipped there. Last I heard BPS was waiving the transfer fee. Still have to pay background check fee though I believe.
  7. action7phil

    Bird Quarantine: club contact information

    Good news. If you click on the link in the first post there is a message from July 2 that say they dont know when they will lift the quarantine but that no new cases have been discovered since June 4. This is great news and hopefully they lift it soon.
  8. action7phil

    Bird Quarantine: club contact information

    Prado does not have any birds and is not allowing the use of live birds as of a couple weekend ago. I doubt that has changed but ill find out on Saturday when i go training again.
  9. action7phil

    Bird Quarantine: club contact information

    I really hope they lift the quarantine soon. Sucks that's we had to move events to Raney Ranch.
  10. action7phil

    Final week where will you be

    I went to Colorado State. Great university. Had friends in the engineering program and it was pretty serious. One of the better programs in the nation I believe. Highly recommend checking it out.
  11. action7phil

    10/20/18 Where will you be?

    I guess you are right. I thought it was in but I guess the Sacramento River is the cutoff. Either way it was a lot of fun.
  12. action7phil

    10/20/18 Where will you be?

    Brother in-law drew #22 at Delevan. I will be enjoying my first opener in the Butte Sink! Should be fun.
  13. action7phil

    Duck loads

    Hunter, can you PM me the store as well. Also if anyone could post the list from CalGuns that would be awesome!
  14. action7phil

    CWA Fed Stamp - How long?

    Got mine from CWA a while ago
  15. action7phil

    Prado Water

    A friend of mine talked to her as well and was told that when they drained the NAVHDA pond they found over 30 bird carcasses. My suspicion is that lots of those NAVHDA guys were attempting to get their vizslas and weimaraners to retrieve dead birds in the water, dog refused, and then birds sink...
  16. action7phil

    Opening day

    Got 4 at SJWA. Little slower than years past but I guess I did really well compared to the average which was less than 1 bird/person
  17. action7phil

    I cannot believe...

    Seriously, unreal! You are a warrior, keep it up man. We are all praying for you.
  18. action7phil

    Remington Rebates

    I got my check back about a week or so ago. Turned my $170 case into a $70 case. Not bad.
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    I have Nikon monarchs 10x42 and like them a lot.
  20. action7phil

    DFG Upland Game Fields in IV map

    Going for euros I hope, MODO is closed till Nov. 11.