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    Wood sign

    Hey all check out -- Forbes Flying V-- on Instagram. and get back to me. Happy new year... Upper
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    Idaho pheasant hunt December 2021

    Road hunting is where it is at!
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    Idaho pheasant hunt December 2021

    Well did you get out before the snow?
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    Got the second last Tuesday. Tired for a few days, but still kicking...Upper
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    I got the first Moderna.
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    Jagdterrier available SoCal

    Hey Mark,how about some Jagd stories.
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    Take out a advertisment

    Been Fine! And I too am a confident heterosexual.
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    Take out a advertisment

    Does anybody miss me?
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    Slammed one..

    Good,thanks for asking.Just farming,milling,and scrapbooking.
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    Slammed one..

    Nice knee pads!
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    Big Game Share Hunts- Steals from the Public

    Wow from the heart admission.Have not anything so sincere since Arrowslinger came out of the closet.Cudo's to the both of you!
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    Finally paid the bill

    Three easy payments
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    Knee injections

    Went out and bought me some Pineapple.Hips hurt at night.I think it was too soon but in 3 days no hip pain.I think it mat be something else but it is good.
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    Biscuits.... Simple but good!!

    This is cool,now I would like a hog gravey reciepe.Please
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    Thanks for holding us together Baldplate,you are a true inspiration .I just cut you out of my scrapbook...........Upper
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    Not one topic on these this year,are they endangered? Upper
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    Way too quiet around here

    Younger talked me out of some pretty good milk money for some draws.Have not heard from him since,hope he is OK.
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    Tags Out, Stamps In

    Exotic now? another tick on the no dog deal?
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    Travelers, I need your input

    I can't even believe your thinking about it.........Love Upper
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    Picture Frames