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  1. Spanky

    2022 Deer Hunt Draws

    Put in for X-9A with the group. Year six. Really hope I pull a golden ticket. This would be the first time my son will have enough time to hunt for a week if we get pulled. I am so eager to share that experience with him. God gave me a reminder this past weekend that we only have so much time to...
  2. Spanky

    Turkey tags in CA?

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Commiefornia is going to start imposing additional fees and tag requirements for turkey hunting? I feel like the only thing they've done right is keeping the turkey season as an upland game stamp. More money grabbing from a greedy state. Am I wrong?
  3. Spanky

    Draws are up. Anyone get lucky?

    The draws have posted for CA Hunts. As usual, I came up empty handed. Anybody have any luck getting draws?
  4. Spanky

    Tom Foolery

    Here’s a Tom I took down the first week of this past spring season. I was on this bird for three days before closing the deal and got a clean head shot on the run. It was my last chance so I had to make a quick shot and the Benelli SBEII did not disappoint!
  5. Spanky

    Goodbye Bear Hunting in CA!

    The leftist politicians in Commiefornia are at it again! This may be a bear hunt ban; last year- bobcats. Next year- Deer. And then they'll come for your guns. This isn't about bear hunting. Make no mistake! ACT NOW...
  6. Spanky

    Improving Wister

    Looks like some coin coming in for Wister enhancements! Story in California Waterfowl Summer 2020 Issue. Link:
  7. Spanky

    Had to say goodbye

    So this morning we had to put our beloved Tucker down. He was just a wonderful member of our family and my hunting buddy in the duck blind. I'm gonna miss him but I know he's off chasing deer and fetching ducks up there in the "Big Blue" with his father Dakota. Our dogs become members of our...
  8. Spanky

    Saturday Wister

    So I got a draw for Wister tomorrow and was wondering what the muddy goo situation will be like on the roads? Hoping this storm front moved some birds into the area.
  9. Spanky


    So after three years of unsuccessful draws, I finally drew a reservation for Kern. Never hunted it before. Helpful hints are welcome. Sarcastic troll comments equally welcome.
  10. Spanky

    Mr. Forky

    After putting about 40 miles on my boots in D5 with no luck and only getting a visual on two does, I finally was able to get on Mr. Forky on day 5. As my friend says who pushed this dude to me, "You don't eat the antlers!" Mighty grateful for the work put in by really great friends in D5. You...
  11. Spanky

    El Centro Dove

    Looks like I get to spend the week in beautiful El Centro for work. I'm considering taking the smoke-stick out there to get in some dove hunting. I've never gone dove hunting out in that area but was looking for some intel on public land areas that I might be able to hunt on. Not familiar with...
  12. Spanky

    Your Cheatin' Fish!

    Now here's a real fish story! Reminds me of the old saying, "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'!"
  13. Spanky

    Non-Lead Ammo

    So now that we can no longer shoot the ammunition we have stockpiled for years, I'm wondering what people are using for deer hunting this coming season. I know some of ya'll have already invested in non-lead while hunting the California Condor and was curious about results. Any noticeable...
  14. Spanky

    Late Season Bear Hunt

    Due to the information below and the utter lack of bucks during deer season, I am going to attempt to find and freezer this beast. Not real sure of the California Black Bear's habits in late December. Any late season tips from bear hunters in the foothills of the western Sierras is appreciated...
  15. Spanky

    D5 and the lack of deer

    As the deer season has come to a close, I can't help but ponder the huge decline in the numbers of deer and more specifically, bucks in the D-5 region. I have several game cameras set up on what used to be productive game trails and the cameras are mostly void of wildlife. I pick up the...
  16. Spanky

    Jason Hairston Death

    Sad news about Jason Hairston. So many of these guys end up with brain damage from years of head trauma playing a gladiator sport such as football. Don't get me wrong; I love football. I don't follow the NFL but I really enjoy the NCAA. This is a huge loss in the outdoor lifestyle community...
  17. Spanky

    Shooting on Public Land

    Saw this one today. Comments?
  18. Spanky

    Got Griz?

    Looks like the Griz is back on for the harvest! " I can skin most anything!"
  19. Spanky

    But did he get the shot?

    Man gets mauled to death by bear while group of people just stand and watch. If they were allowed to have firearms, the man might be alive now. But how stupid can someone be? Darwin only knows! (Warning: Graphic Video)...
  20. Spanky

    San Jac Season Start

    So I'm lying here on the couch with a blown out back from Friday morning completely incapacitated and downing muscle relaxers and heavy ibuprofen doses for pain like Halloween candy, all while sitting on a prized resi for San Jac today. So I'm climbing the walls with boredom and wondering how...