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  1. CAhntr

    Mr. Big jr.

    Nice one!
  2. CAhntr

    Give me my deer back....

    Way to get it done! Cool story. Congrats!
  3. CAhntr

    D7 Forky

    Lucky shirt has been retired. It was a shredded mess. I did cut a big strip out of it and tied it to my pack though to keep the luck alive.
  4. CAhntr

    D7 Forky

    Yeah this was right before we got weather. Had a lot of smoke from the fires in D8 blowing into our area. Luckily a few storms have come through since then.
  5. CAhntr

    D7 Forky

    It's been a while! Glad to see the OG's still keeping this page alive! Got me a decent forky in D7. I had a couple much bigger 3x3's on my cameras but this is a solid buck for this zone and I was happy to take him. Trying to get my dad and son one now.
  6. CAhntr


    Great work! You won't be going hungry anytime soon.
  7. CAhntr

    Last day coues for #1..

    You don't even need to go anymore. Just let them bring the meat home to you!
  8. CAhntr

    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    Nothing like getting that first and having family there to share the moment makes it priceless. Parents of the century!
  9. CAhntr

    Slammed one..

    Damn son! I haven't been on here much lately but I see some things never change. Way to go Hatchet clan!
  10. CAhntr

    Fat Forky Down!

    Great job Dave!
  11. CAhntr

    D7 3x3

    Yep, rifle opener was on the 21st.
  12. CAhntr

    D7 3x3

    I was shedding all the layers I could. That pack out nearly killed me. Funny thing is as I was walking out the door before the hunt I realized my lucky shirt wasn't hanging off the back of my pack like it normally is. I ran back inside and grabbed it before I headed out. The lucky shirt strikes...
  13. CAhntr

    Wifeys AZ Bull.....EPIC!!!!!!

    Awesome bull! You guys make a great team! Congrats.
  14. CAhntr

    D7 3x3

    I shot my biggest buck yet yesterday evening. I have been chasing this guy since archery season and I was finally able to connect with my rifle. It was about a 150 yard shot as he was running uphill away from me and I was able to slip one in just before he went over the top. I tore my calf...
  15. CAhntr

    Another proud dad moment

    I'll make an exception for the guys on this page.
  16. CAhntr

    Another proud dad moment

    My oldest son was able to take his first buck this season during his first year deer hunting. I just got notified that his pics and story of our hunt made it into the California Deer Association magazine! I might be more excited about it than he is. My youngest son thinks we're famous now. Ha...
  17. CAhntr

    Public land archery hog!

    Screwy, If you follow CAhntr’s posts, you’ll notice that he always wears his lucky shirt when hunting, and it’s full of holes and stretched out. So the last thing he would want is to get it bloody. It’s called tongue-in-cheek. HA! Yep, just added a little more character to the ol' lucky shirt.
  18. CAhntr

    Public land archery hog!

    Thanks guys! I'm still smiling. Getting ready to make some sausage.
  19. CAhntr

    Public land archery hog!

    My buddy and I were working a creek bottom on some archery only public land and seeing tons of sign but weren't seeing anything. We were about to head back out when my buddy heard something crossing the creek coming towards us. Out popped this sow and I quickly repositioned to get ahead of her...
  20. CAhntr

    Last chance buck D7

    Haha!! Yep! The lucky shirt strikes again!