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  1. popx5

    Been awhile...return of dads 270

    I thought this place died a slow death. Glad Jason revived it. I’ve not been out much, nursing a back issue and constant sciatica. Two level fusion coming soon. It prevented me from returning to Kodiak in September. Most here know the story of my fathers pre 64 model 70 he left me after he...
  2. popx5

    Anti hunting thieves arrested

    And the city attorney to boot....
  3. popx5

    4 for 4

    I’ve been finding a few in the land of giants. Got busted on a good one for this zone a couple days ago at 60 yards. This morning I found a little bachelor herd with this 3by a fork and a fuzzy spike. Couldn’t close escrow so went back this evening and found them again, less the fork. Got...
  4. popx5


    pulled cards today on a couple... got a couple lard ass boars.
  5. popx5

    I got one grandad!

    Took my three year old grandsons to the river today (south fork). They had a blast. Wish I could post a video.
  6. popx5

    Koufax the warrior...

    One of the best I have ever had the pleasure to hunt over. Exceptional upland lab that was Always well mannered. She was almost 15 and it was time. Hunt em up ole girl.. RIP
  7. popx5


    Interesting article..
  8. popx5

    Flags Of Valor

    Saw this company featured on Fox the other day. I thought it was badass, and as a woodworker I appreciated their craftsmanship.. I bought one to put on the front porch. Watch the video.
  9. popx5

    The old mans 270

    I drew a desert rifle tag this year. Hard to leave the land of giants but I wanted to try something a little different. Hunted it last year AO and saw enough to burn what points I had and come back with the heavy iron. I scouted the area a couple times in August and September. I didn’t make...
  10. popx5

    First buck

    One of the strays killed his first buck this morning in the land of giants. He has missed bucks the last two years but made a perfect 100 yard shot this morning. Saw a real good buck at first light but he could not Get on it. Found this guy on the way out. I love watching the shakes and...
  11. popx5

    Make Hunting Great Again!

    Love this
  12. popx5

    Oh my

    Standby. Elk down!
  13. popx5

    New NRA commercial

    The left is becoming unhinged about this tv spot. It is perfect IMO
  14. popx5

    Mt. Lion rips dog from bed

    Watch out Lloyd: California Department of Fish and Wildlife News Release April 24, 2017 Media Contact: Capt. Patrick Foy, CDFW Law Enforcement, (916) 651-6692 Mountain Lion DNA Found Inside Pescadero Home A trace of mountain lion DNA was identified in a blood sample taken from...
  15. popx5

    BBL Early CARP spawn

    Drove by the lake into town at 930 and saw carp rolling in the shallows. Couldn't believe what I was seeing so early. 3 days ago I had 54 degree water while fishing the east end. Went home and got my carp killer. Shot a pile in a couple hours and left them. Tons of fish in the skinny water...
  16. popx5


    Jumping on the liberty tonight and headed down to colonet if anyone is interested. Light load and will probably be the only boat there. Weather looks decent. Might be the best shot for the next couple weeks with more weather on the way. Yt fishing has been fair to wfo.... well see.
  17. popx5


    Been in the IV the last several days and finding a few. I must admit Casey has become a true badass. Can't believe what I see this dog do to locate, track, pin and hold birds. Good times. Retirement rocks! Next AZ Mearns then AZ archery deer. Got to squeeze in a quail hunt or two and watch...
  18. popx5

    The return of the Ole Man's .270

    I didn't get to hunt much during the archery season this year in the almighty D14, largely because I was getting my ass handed to me in Alaska on an awesome adventure chasing Sitka Blacktails with Ed. The last week has been dedicated to trying to get one of the (strays) son in laws his first...
  19. popx5


    My family went to Ventura for a wedding over the weekend. On the way home, we listened to the last game Vin will ever call. I have been a Dodger fan my whole life and my wife/kids are also fans. I rarely miss a game either on tv or on radio. I have so many fond memories of listening to Vin...
  20. popx5

    The debate

    Watching the debate and can't believe what is coming out of the mutts mouth.... If she is ejected we are done.... Makes me sick. What the heck has happened to the USA? Really worried about the future of our country.