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  1. Jasonh

    Sorry for the downtime!

    Auto-renew on the hosting credit card. I didn't know my card has been stolen and when it went through it was denied. I just didn't check the hosting emails until it was too late. We are GTG for another year at least... I have to chase the stolen credit card now.
  2. Jasonh

    Used Snow goose decoy package for sale

    Ever wanted to be one of the snow goose hunting geeks? Here is your chance at putting enough white on the ground or water that you might get a goose close enough to bust out of the sky. This is sold as a package deal for $420 AS-IS. 23 Used Snow Goose Floater Decoys. Condition decent/floating...
  3. Jasonh

    Can now add gif's to posts

    Select GIF button. Type in what you would like to search for. Select it.
  4. Jasonh

    Sorry for the downtime

    I setup backups and it filled the diskspace on the server then crashing it. Whoops.
  5. Jasonh

    2020 was decent

    Had a decent 2020 hunting season, wish it wasn’t over.
  6. Jasonh

    DU Fishing Charter San Diego

  7. Jasonh

    If Wister cancels sweatline for 2020-2021 what will you do?

    Talk of not having a sweatline due to coronavirus? I've seen it all over social media and other sites. What would you do if that happens and you don't have a reservation? How quick will the 3 open slots at my club fill if they announce it? :D
  8. Jasonh


    was he able to get in again since the move? For those that have problems try clearing cookies and temp internet files from your browser. That way it resets the credentials.
  9. Jasonh

    Moved again

    Done with that other crappy hosting! We are moved to a new host that is fully managed and so far they are cheaper and easier to work with... Sorry we lost 3 new threads on the move between post time and moving time.
  10. Jasonh

    AB-88 being rammed through

    From Firearms Policy Email We have urgent news regarding an anti-gun bill California is voting on tomorrow in committee. Just yesterday, the tyrants amended a budget bill - AB 88 - to include anti-gun measures that could turn you into a felon. First, AB 88 would expand the definition of...
  11. Jasonh

    F this hosting

    Will be moving soon, Sorry guys. This host has gone to shit already..
  12. Jasonh

    Eurasian Collared Dove Hunting Decoys DIY

    With most feedlots shut down to dove hunting in Imperial Valley I’ve had to hunt a little harder and find the routes the Eurasian collared dove are taking to said posted off-limits feeding grounds. Both my kids are going through the hunter safety program right now and I’m anxious to get them out...
  13. Jasonh

    Tons of birds showed up this week in Niland, CA

    I must have seen 20K birds yesterday trafficking between our club and 2 others. Did not take a shot thinking we would get them closer but if we were at Wister I'm sure there would have been blasting going on. Pintail, mallard, BWT, GWT, CIN, Bootlip, Widgeon, Gadwall and did I mention the 3K...
  14. Jasonh

    Do Eurasian Dove Count?

    Are we supposed to count Eurasian Dove on the California Harvest Report?
  15. Jasonh

    Club next to Wister 1/20/18

    Decent hunting with flurries of birds until 10am. The wind kept blowing but the bird machine shut off for the rest of the day. Pintail were easy once again with everyone getting their pins then letting them land and fly over at 15 yards. 90% were young males. Decent balls of teal running...