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  1. sherpa1

    Training Birds..

    Anybody know where I can purchase Chukar or Pheasants for dog training? Prado no longer is selling Pigeons so I figure might as well start on the real thing.
  2. sherpa1

    Hunter Safety Course

    Anybody know when and where a hunter safety course may be offered in So Cal? Buddy looking to get one done before dove season.
  3. sherpa1

    Spring Cleaning

    Need to thin out my supply of toys. Mossberg Patriot 270 with a fluted barrel and Kryptek Camo stock.Bought as a back up with maybe one box of shells thru it. It is topped with a Leupold VX1 scope . $425 . Located in OC
  4. sherpa1


    Looking for a small 15 to 20 foot travel travel for my new Ducker Home. Anybody got one or knows of anyone selling one would be appreciated. Not looking to dump alot of money into one, just one to drag down to the club by the Sea and leave it for the season.
  5. sherpa1

    Free decoy/deer hauler

    Free hauler to anyone who needs a hauler. It folds flat easily to store or ship. Hard rubber tires. I am located in Yorba Linda
  6. sherpa1

    Locker Cleanout

    Apparently I was a little over zealous in my shot shell buying. I have two cases of Fiocchi Zinc Plated Speed Steel taking up space. They are 1 1/8 oz 1 shot steel, velocity says 1500. I paid $130 a case from Rogers but will sell for $100 a case if interested.
  7. sherpa1

    Free to good home

    I have a pair of insulated Cabelas overalls for a youth or female. My son has out grown them. The tag says m/m. The inseam is 26 inches I also have a neoprene Avery ammo belt. Free
  8. sherpa1

    Tule Lake

    Just spent a week at Tule. Goose hunting was really slow but got a couple cool pictures from my layout blind. If you look closely , Mt. Shasta can be seen in the background.
  9. sherpa1

    Wyoming Antelope

    Just got back from a trip out of Cheyenne Wy. Let my son miss a week of school to chase Prairie Goats around. Less than an hour into the hunt he sees the one he wants. He calmly sneaks up to 260 yards ,gets on the sticks a puts a 130 grain round right in the pump house. We go 3 for 3 in about...
  10. sherpa1

    Mathews Solo Cam Bow

    My nephew has asked me to post his bow he has outgrown. It is a right handed Mathews SQ2. This model was made between 2001 and 2005. It has a 24 inch draw and a max of 50lb draw. The bow has a Carolina Archery whisker buscuit and a three pin sight. The string is ok but it needs a new peep...
  11. sherpa1

    243 Rounds and Brass

    No longer needed. 50 primed and sized Winchester 36 unprimed Winchester 19 nickel Winchester unprimed 16 loaded Core Lokt 100 grain Remington 13 hand loads of 100 grain Spitzers Son shoots 270 so these are just collecting dust. I will include one of the plastic boxes. How about $40 I would...
  12. sherpa1

    Utah Cow

    Took my 15 year old son to central Utah for a cow elk hunt. First couple of days were slow except for a 350 class bull , of coarse we had only a cow and spike tag. Pretty cool to see a huge bull at less than 200 yards. On the evening of the third night, we spot a cow at 650 yards on the...
  13. sherpa1

    Eye Candy

    Went out Friday on a charter trip on the Chubasco Two. With 19 guys we departed the bait receiver at six am. First jig strike about two hours later. Deck two nice yellowfin. Continue the troll for paddies or any signs of life. It's a slow pick for the next few hours then all he'll breaks...
  14. sherpa1

    Take Down Shotgun Bag

    Wife won an SKB take down shotgun bag at an auction. Its a real nice bag but I don't have a take down shot gun. So.. its cheaper for me to sell it than buy a new gun. It is the TD32-4 Bag in Real Tree Camo. The website says they sell for $129. Wife paid $50. I will sell for $50.
  15. sherpa1

    Bass Pro Archery Shoot

    Bass pro is sponsoring The Great Outdoor Shootout on Saturday Aug 16Th. It is a last man standing event. Should be a lot of fun.
  16. sherpa1

    Kershaw No NO

    Attended the Dodgers game last night with my 12 year old . Not being a Dodger fan, we were a little apprehensive about going to that stadium. We were invited by the parents of the Rockies right fielder,so we had good seats, All I can say is WOW! Kershaw was unbelievable. Even the few Rockies...
  17. sherpa1

    Youth hog hunt

    Looking for an archery hog hunt for my 14 yr old. Came across Doug's Wilderness Adventures out of San Diego. He does youth only bow hunts. Has any body heard or hunted with him?
  18. sherpa1

    Spring Cleaning

    Doing some garage cleaning and came across some dog training tools. I have a Wilde Dummy Launcher with three attachments.two hard bumpers, two soft bumpers,and a mallard throw and a small bird box, There is also a starters pistol and three sizes of choker chains. The launcher is an older model...
  19. sherpa1

    SOLD***Youth Rifle***SOLD

    I have a youth Remington Model 715 rifle for sale. It is a 243 with a fiberglass stock. My son outgrew it and it has been sitting for a couple years. The gun may have a hundred or so rounds thru it. It is topped with a 3X9 Tasco scope. I will include a set of 243 dies with the gun. I would like...
  20. sherpa1

    Youth Hunt

    Like to give a shout out of thanks to all the volunteers at the San Jacinto youth Pheasant hunt on Sat. Morning started cold and windy but the kids stuck it out and had a great time. Looking forward to the youth duck hunt...Thanks again