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  1. ESSposse

    Whooda thought?!?!?!

    All I had to do was log onto TOF for all my bedding and tempered glass LED TV needs!!!~
  2. ESSposse

    5 day count down... Tues 3/2 Noon

    Don't have to really post anything. Just put a spot on this thread to mark your territory. See how many hits by Tuesday 3/2 noon....
  3. ESSposse

    2019 TOF Fantasy Football!!!~

    Draft in 34 minutes........ :smiley-wave-hello-yellow:
  4. ESSposse

    Hail Call SaltonSea (BARRY)

    Dude..... like what's up with the TOF Fantasy Football this year???
  5. ESSposse

    Lovin' this age app....

  6. ESSposse

    LAST DAY!!!!~

    If you order your ammo from out of state, today is the LAST day to order so it'll arrive before the end of the year. After that..... no more out of California ammo orders will be brought in.
  7. ESSposse

    Hail Call Saltonseadog!!!!~

    Commish???? You starting the TOF Fantasy Football League anytime soon???? Include me and MarshPrincess.
  8. ESSposse

    TOF Original member lost last night~

    Retired her a couple of years ago..... But an original member since TOF's creation around the kitchen table that night. So raise a glass crew..... to Max (Maxine) Not the best duck dog in the world....... but she was in mine.
  9. ESSposse


    Can just one SoCal team get in this playoff????? GO DUCKS!!!!! Game 7 shit and all.......
  10. ESSposse

    W.O.N. a spot in a paper......

    Never thought I'd (we'd) end up in Western Outdoors News in this fashion but.....
  11. ESSposse

    Sooooo...... Did this today...

    Exchanged vows in our duck blind on Leap Day....
  12. ESSposse

    Engagement Photo~

  13. ESSposse

    How my Saturday went~

    So I take my son because he passed his paramedic course..... her boy for his b-day..... and chika just because she's so dam hawt: Skydiving. After a 2-1/2 hour delay because of overcast and both our family and close friends waiting outside the facility WAITING for us to get in the air....... me...
  14. ESSposse


    Why was Bruce Jenner late for his photo shoot???? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Tranny trouble.
  15. ESSposse

    Equipment for Lindsay~

    Hey peeps...... this is my young cuz...... Lindsay.... She's gotten the bug for archery..... and has gotten pretty dam good at it. Got the eyes of a few colleges for scholarships good. She has a challenge with obtaining the right equipment. Her dad is going through some pretty rough cancer...
  16. ESSposse


    Check yer PM box bud.........
  17. ESSposse

    ULTIMATE house/man cave~

    Mr. Lou Misterly is selling his house in Anaheim Hills/ Peralta Hills. One of a handful of men that have harvested every single big game animal on EVERY continent...... For those that have sat around the campfire or The Pink and listened to his stories in detail.... From the African Lion...
  18. ESSposse

    My blind babe is hotter than yours...~

  19. ESSposse

    Who's at Wistard this weekend?????~

    Who's got a pass on the long weekend???? We'll be stoppin' by the campground and wanna stop by for free beer!!!!~