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    Six pack fishing

    I got together with some friends and the grandson and went out to San Clemente island for some yellow tail fishing. We ended the day with 13 real nice grade fish. One guy bailed at the last minute so there were just five of us. Had a great trip, my first since I had hip replacement surgery...

    Merry Christmas

    To the few who are left on TOF. And a great New Year.

    No tag soup for me.

    We just got back from four day hunt in NM. Second day out my friend greg got huge cow at 150 yards. Mine came on last day of hunt. We first spotted them at about 300 yards but they were heading up hill into the brush/trees. I got out with guide, when we saw them again he ranged them at 460 and...

    What are you waiting for?

    As of this minute there are 52 people viewing this forum, only one, myself, is a member. I have to ask, why don't you join TOF? You can contribute to the conversation and maybe offer some good advice. It's free, join up....

    Bloody decks

    After having 5 trips in a row cancel out for various reasons I finally got out again. Two day on fortune out to Tanners and Cortez banks. Turned into a fair trip. I got two nice grade yellow tail 25-30 lbs. and one 45 lbs blue fin tuna. 19 guys got 37 YT and 32 BFT. My buddy Wilson got the...

    Members on line

    When ever I look at TOF, I notice very few members logged on but lots of guest. If you guest are not spammers, why not join the forum and contribute to the conversation and help bring back TOF.

    Any kills?

    Not much going on on any forums. Not a good sign. Even some of the hard core deer hunters must be striking out.

    Dogs 1, kelp 1, me 1.

    Took the Fortune out on a 1.5 day trip out to Osborn banks. Weather was nasty 6-7 Ft. seas winds from 8 knots up to low teens. We ended the trip with 22 YT and a bunch of rock fish. YT went from 18-35 lbs. Rock fish were a mixed bag. Lots of nice size reds and two very Nice lings. As the topic...

    Change password

    How do I change my password? I don't see any place on home page that gives that option.

    Bidens gun control

    Turn in and outright weapon confiscation. This may not end well if implemented.

    Jicarilla elk hunt voucher

    I have one spare voucher for this years cow Elk hunt. One of my friends will not be using it due to health issues. Voucher is $50, that is administration fee and entry into June drawing. last years hunt was cancelled due to covid, so they sent me three vouchers. I have paper work from...

    Merry Christmas

    Everyone have a good one and stay safe. Enjoy family time.

    Dove report

    I took my 12 year old grandson on his first dove hunt and he did real good for someone who had had very little practice. first morning he ended with 9 and 6 six that afternoon. Second morning the birds were far fewer but he managed 4. I spent a lot of time with him helping him along and...

    Where to for dove

    Does everyone have their spot picked out for the opener? We went rabbit hunting several days back and found a decent flyway over in AZ. We saw mostly white wing with a few mourners in the mix but we were out early and have found the mourners tend to come in shortly after the white wing. All in...

    Take out a advertisment

    There are several guys who have decided TOF went tits , and have given up trying the site. You were down around four days. This seems to be the normal lately. What's up with that?

    Prop 63, we get a win

    A federal judge just today rule a good portion of the law unconstitutional. If you find the case ruling, all you need to read is," it is hereby ordered"

    Boats shutting down

    First one is the Redondo special. I see the Pescador has some trips opened up for open party trips. I wonder if this is because charters are starting to cancel. Might need to find private party boat looking to go out and share $$$$$

    Stay safe

    This shit is real. I think the panic is worst than the virus but, don't take a chance, it's not worth it. Protect your family at all cost.

    Where is my head

    You cut my head off on TOF home page. Topic, Did it again. tuna fishing. Did ODP have anything to do with it?

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all ODF members and family, Have a great day with family and friends. GUNDOGLOVER