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  1. amadorhunter

    Nevada Area 6 Early Season.

    Posting a bit late on this one! Since arriving home things with work and home have been a bit crazy... Had the good fortune to draw an early area 6 Nevada mule deer tag this year. (Nevada Guides Draw) We decided to hunt the last 5 days of the season Oct. 16th to the 20th. We arrived in Elko to...
  2. amadorhunter

    I can't believe it!

    I just got word from my outfitter! My father and I pull 2 of 4 tags available for "Non-Resident" Nevada Guides Draw. The icing on the cake "Late Season". :smiley_10sign: I never figured I would get a late season tag, I am blown away. Now the planning and work begins, I am speechless, November...
  3. amadorhunter

    And then there was none!

    The wait is over, bags are packed, rifle case and sighted in. No more workouts. I leave for Battle Mountain Nevada in about 4 hours to hunt Mule Deer. I've been waiting for this for six months, can't believe it's finally here. This is a long awaited trip and some good times to share with my Dad...
  4. amadorhunter

    National Symbol change

  5. amadorhunter

    OSO Down (First Bear)

    Finally after meany years of buying tags and not seeing bears, then skipping a year and not purchasing a tag and seeing every bear in two counties! F'ing Bears!!!! My first bear down! It all happened really fast last night. My son and his girlfriend and I decided to go up country and chase...