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  1. outdoorplay

    Mr. Big jr.

    Nice job
  2. outdoorplay

    Turkey tags in CA?

    I dont hunt Ca anymore as I am sick of their BS, I only hunt out of state now. and after reading up on all the fishing BS rules, this might me my last year fishing here as well
  3. outdoorplay

    2022 ok lets go fishing already

    you get well soon
  4. outdoorplay

    2022 ok lets go fishing already

    went out of Santa Barbra
  5. outdoorplay

    2022 ok lets go fishing already

    ok been chopping at the bit, cod open, sand bass are moving in, who going fishing
  6. outdoorplay

    hunting is closed so now its time to ride

    well you all know me, a picture says thoughts words, but his some pic's of this weekend, president day weekend I stopped to show the kids HIPPY rocks love my Talon, have gears is a game-changer in SXS our first ride is aways to In & Out could not pass up this sunset of old glory for...
  7. outdoorplay

    decoy bag and decoys

    The ultimate decoy bag Holds 3 dozen/Carry up to 42 decoys small teal decoys Shotgun scabor/ Built-in gun sleeve Large side pouch/ will hold spinning decoys Foam-padded back added comfort, and no decoys stabbing you in the back Padded hip and shoulder straps Detachable bird loops Floats when...
  8. outdoorplay

    Just a quick question...

    Im with john
  9. outdoorplay

    Idaho pheasant hunt December 2021

    Hammit Id has some good pheasant hunting
  10. outdoorplay

    Just a quick question...

    that was one nasty cat... lol came in a dropped that stuff on the porch. Steeve needs to put together a Big Baer fishing trip
  11. outdoorplay

    fishing my way across the USA

    ya I'm heading out to Co Mikey has a 2nt season and mine is 3rd. but after the first of the year, I'm wide open let's plan it
  12. outdoorplay

    taken this baby across the country

    No, my brother-in-law is the owner of RB Compointes. they build vans, they ask me to drive to the shows, as he is down 10 employees, (you know sitting at home collecting a check) I do the setup, they fly in the sales guys, the shows are only on weekends so during the week I fish or golf,
  13. outdoorplay

    D7 Forky

    congratulation, any 3 points in my book is a good one.
  14. outdoorplay

    taken this baby across the country

    the shows took me all the way to VA and back to the Cal, (don't know way it stopped tracking me) last weekend was the last one for the year in Big Bear, now its time to start getting ready for my elk hunt.
  15. outdoorplay

    taken this baby across the country

    caned most of it bacon-wrapped and socked in BBQ YYYUUUUMMM got my limet of Trout in about an hour ok its off to Bend Or, back to work this damn kid cant catch a fish to save his own life... you know its nice when customers come to shows and bring you gifts
  16. outdoorplay

    taken this baby across the country

    well that was a fun ride, did 15 shows across the USA this was on my way to Ut Bob Marlys band played at on of the shows in Dillion Co, talk about a bad ass venu my camp spot for 3 days in Dillion Co the next post took me to Loveland Co and the fishing was not good so, think god I brought...
  17. outdoorplay

    Kid hunting stuff

    I sold all my tools that had a cord attached to them after I get back from my elk hunt, Im going through all my hunting and fishing stuff and selling off 90% of it, I want to buy some new stuff but I cut myself off tell I sale the old stuff
  18. outdoorplay

    fishing my way across the USA

    LOL well currently sitting on 12 out of state fishing lic's, when you heading out again, I need to get some rock cod