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  1. photohunter

    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    Got it done with a rifle in week 7.
  2. photohunter

    Learning a New Area

    I've been having a great time learning a hunt zone new to me. I've been out there 7 times and spent the night once. About 90% of the legal roads have been driven (and some) and I haven't got stuck yet! The rocks cut up tires, but the deep sand is the worst. A previous hunter told me you can get...
  3. photohunter

    How Much Does a Desert Bighorn Sheep Tag Cost?

    10 Bucks! Woohoo!!! Hello all. I haven't been on TOF for some time, but thought I would post up and let you guys know I won the Cady Mountains fund raiser tag. I can't believe my luck! I didn't want to let anyone know until it was confirmed by F&W. My big goal for the year was to get an A31...
  4. photohunter

    Day Packs for All-Day Hunts

    I've been using a badlands super day for over 10 years and I've been happy with it except the camo is too dark. The wife's miniature pinscher chewed it up pretty good, so I'm looking at options. I'll call badlands tomorrow to see if it can be repaired before my Sept. elk hunt. I already have...
  5. photohunter

    AZ Coues Hunt

    I went to AZ for a quick turnaround on the New Years weekend and glassed up lots of coues deer. I only spotted a few small to medium sized bucks, but they were chasing does. The potential for bigger bucks to show up is always possible during the rut, so I set out a few game cams and came home...
  6. photohunter

    Still Have My AO Tag

    I spent a few days backpacked into a B-zone wilderness. The first 3 days were spent packing to the area and scouting for animals before season. I didn't see many animals, but I did get a few pics of these 2 bucks. It is beautiful and steep country.
  7. photohunter

    Arizona Coues Hunt

    I took this week off work and returned to Arizona to hunt Coues deer. Again, I had a great time! This is the second time I've hunted in this area and I've seen javelina both times. This time, after setting up camp, I'm lacing my boots when a big single pig comes into camp, huffs at me, and just...
  8. photohunter

    Taxidermy Question

    I have a question about caring for an elk cape while travelling to California from Colorado. What do you guys do in this situation. You get a bull elk in Colorado in September and you want to get it mounted. You can cape it there, either in the field or in base camp, but you can't bring the...
  9. photohunter

    BOWUNTR in Bow and Arrow Hunting

    Great story and pics Ed. And congrats on the great Buck! Man, you're living the dream.
  10. photohunter

    Coues Buck

    Got my first Coues deer in January. I hunted Arizona for Coues 2 years ago for a week and only saw 1 buck. This year I decided to try another area. Got to the area in the afternoon after a long drive. I'm driving around looking for a place to camp and a corral had a dozen javelina in it. I...
  11. photohunter

    Ya'll Ditched Me!

    Well, not really. I used to hang out and occasionally post up on another board. You guys know which one. Work has been crazy busy the last couple years, so I was off the radar. I finally post up a story and didn't get responses from any of the old crew. WTF! I look around and everyone is banned...