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  1. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Thats a wrap on 2016....a year in review...

    Well thats a wrap for the 2016 season for me! Was a great one! Extremely grateful and blessed for the memories and time spent a field with family and friends! Here is my 2016 January archery Javi in Az... This was my first 2016 Ca archery buck..... This was my Wy archery bull.... This was...
  2. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Archery shoot at Mtn. High Ski Resort!!!

    All, just wanted to throw this up here....July 9 and 10 Mojave Archers is going to have a 2 day 3-d shoot up at Mtn High Ski Resort! Grab the family and come check it out! I have attached a link to there website with the flyer info! Also...if any of you are cometitive archers....there will be a...
  3. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Lets Party!

    LOL!!! In all seriousness Riverside Archery id having there 1st annual parking lot party tomorrow!!! There will be quite a few vendors there and a bunch of fun archery games to play with, throw some $1 and $5 bills in your pocket and come out! Ill attach the flyer but its from 1-7 tomorrow...
  4. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Mtn. High Ski Resort 3-d

    Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know that Mojave Archers is having a 2-day archery 3-d shoot at Mtn. High ski resort on July 9-10. This is going to be a really cool event! Load up the RVs and the family and come check it out! Nothing else like it around these parts! The course is going...
  5. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Bringing in 2016 with some good times!

    Hey boys, just wanted to show ya a few pics from our trip last weekend. My self a couple buddies grabbed some left over Javelina tags and went and had a blast! I forgot how fun these lil guys are to hunt!!!!
  6. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Finishing off 2015 with a lil spice

    Hey Gents wanted to stop in and say hello, seems having a family and trying to get as much hunting in as possible has taken a toll on my on-line hangouts! Here is the last of my 2015 Archery season. I killed this guy in Arizona on the 29th of Dec. with only 3 days left to hunt It was pretty...
  7. Hunt Crazy in CA

    2015 Az bull...

    Here he is boys, shot him at 10 yards, full frontal shot....bull didnt make it 10 yards before piling up.....up close and personal...just they way ! wanted it to go down!!!
  8. Hunt Crazy in CA

    My bear.....2

    Ok sorry for not getting on this sooner... seems like there is not enough time in the day anymore...... Here is my bear for this year, Funny thing is when I seen him the first time I though ok....not that big.....BUT he has a really cool color to him......and to top it off....those of you that...
  9. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Nv buck

    Just wanted to share some pics of my late season archery Nv hunt!!!! Epic hunt...hunt of a life time...memories we will never forget!!!!
  10. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Catalina Island?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here has hunted deer on the Island? How was it? How was the caliber of bucks? Might have something in the works just want to see if anyone had any first hand experience?
  11. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Local D-Zone buck down

    Just though Id share my local D-Zone buck I killed this past weekend. Having to compete with rifle hunters with a bow makes it a little interesting....I killed him at 22 yards when he stood up out of his bed.....AO tag filled for some grip and grins!!!
  12. Hunt Crazy in CA

    opening day bear

    Shot this guy at 26 yards....heart shot! Spot and stalk bear hunting is a blast....cant wait to do it again!!!
  13. Hunt Crazy in CA

    021 archery late Nevada

    Gentlemen, good morning I drew the late archery 021 tag in Nevada this year...honstly I didnt put in for it on purpose...I screwed up some how on my app....ow well Im still going to go into this hunt with everything I got. From what research I have done thus far it sounds like it is a weather...
  14. Hunt Crazy in CA

    NRA lifetime membership

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up I called NRA yesterday in the AM and asked if they were still doing the lifetime membership for $300.....guys asked where did you hear it from told him online and he said hold on.......came back and said ok well still do if you think you missed...
  15. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Arizona Draw

    Heads up....Az is hitting credit cards!!!!
  16. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Lookin for a Bowtech Insanity XL

    Lookin for a XL guys, 60-70 pounder in black...let me know if you of someone you know has one for sale, thanks!
  17. Hunt Crazy in CA

    call your shots

    Ok guys and gals here we go a little fun....there are alot of us going out tomorrow for dove your shots..and be truthful here...... post up what your usin and how many shots you think its going to take you to limit out.... Ill start...old sears model single shot 410 2 1/2"...
  18. Hunt Crazy in CA

    well there goes the neighborhood 

    ok so.....I go pull SD card from my 1200 pics.....SWEEEET!!!! now mind you I have like 9 different buck ive been watching in this area...4 of them good local bucks.....super pumped.........go through the pics none of the good buck around a few does and fawns and 2 lil...
  19. Hunt Crazy in CA

    Big Bear 3-D

    Ok Everyone...It is getting close. Cherry Valley Bowhunters is having there annual "Big Bear 3-d". This is a huge event here in cali, lots of shooters, TONS of fun for the whole family. It is a 2 day event 40 targets on saterday, 20 targets sunday, there is a bunch of re-entry fun shoots to...
  20. Hunt Crazy in CA

    A quote from Cam Hanes.....

    seen this on another forum and I loved it, if it aint the truth I dont know what is!!!!!! thought i would pass it on..... :beer-toast: "Don't worry about negative people" "I don't spend any time agonizing about guys who aren't committed to being their best or helping (inspiring others) to...