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  1. paulc

    Daughter in Law first Big game animal

    I might have shot the wrong buck a couple weeks ago. This buck definitely scores better than mine. Zach found this buck first thing and we closed the distance as close as we could. Price gave us a beautiful grand daughter 4 weeks ago and today she scored on her first hunt. She made a great...
  2. paulc

    Video of kill shot on buck.

    First attempt at posting a video or even doing a youtube video. We spent first couple hours watching hillside 90% sure the buck was in there. Then we saw him for a brief instance and spent next few hours waiting for a clean shot. Would see antlers, or a tail wagging and that was it. Was...
  3. paulc

    My buck from last Saturday

    I was pretty much the just the trigger man on this deal. I was about 15 miles away from Zach and had not seen a thing, when he called me and said he had some mature bucks glassed up. I met up with him, and then we drove to the other side of the mountain to get on them. He found these bucks at...
  4. paulc

    My bull from yesterday

    Couldn't pass this guy up. I heard him way before I saw him and he sounded like an old raspy bull. So mentally I was planning on Taking a shot if I got one. Certainly not the best bull I saw this hunt, but, I am happy with him. Was in good bulls every time I went out, and was able to put it...
  5. paulc

    Serious question for the Duckers

    Totally sincere. How do I keep ducks out of my trout pond? Especially in the winter they like to land in my pond. I go to great lengths to keep the pond crystal clear with balance of vegetation and shade. These filthy disgusting things make a mess. Today I got home and there was at least 15...
  6. paulc

    Best quality BBQ out there

    Have had the same propane Weber BBQ since late 1980s. Have replaced guts twice and still works great but decided to get a new one. What is the best quality BBQ out there now. Still Weber?? I do NOT want a smoker. Do not want smoking features. I have a smoker if I want something smoked...
  7. paulc

    Dickweed's NM bull

    Alright, this was such a memorable hunt and a cool story that I think I will post some pics of it going backward. I will try to tell the story of the hunt briefly as possible, but, of course from the beginning. I picked this tag up at a fraction of what they go for only because it was 2 days...
  8. paulc

    Son's Girlfriend's Muzzle loader bull

    What a blast. Dickweeds girlfriend drew the ML tag and I have been looking forward to the hunt all season. We never located a real big bull, but, it was her first bull and nothing wrong with a 6x7 for your first bull. She worked hard, never complained. Her Dad joined us as well and he guides...
  9. paulc

    Son's archery buck

    While I was hunting my tag for archery elk and then helping my buddy with his hunt after I ate my tag. (He then proceeded to eat his tag also). We both easily could have killed small bulls every day, but, neither of us could close on a big bull. Meanwhile on the weekends DW could only hunt...
  10. paulc

    For you Duckies that think you know how to call ducks
  11. paulc

    Any simple ways to post pics anyone has found.

    It has become difficult to post pics on TOF, so therefore I rarely make new posts of fishing or hunting trips. Using an Iphone6, and it seems that I can post directly on FB or IG, but, not on TOF.
  12. paulc

    194, 196 Nevada mule deer

    Beat the odds and drew this late season tag in NV. Month of November. Anyone ever hunt it. Have talked to several people on it. Sounds like lots of deer, but, the big ones stay on private. Also, cant shoot within mile of subdivisions and that is where the deer hang.
  13. paulc

    Not sure if I should show this or not.

    We all have skeletons in our closet. My friend Chris sent me this. Statute of limitations are up. This is when we used to sneak my canoe from Corona Airport into Prado basin and slay Quackers. We also used to hike in when there was not enough water for the canoe. The duck club guys shot at...
  14. paulc

    Public land ram solo

    This is my DIY solo public land ram for 2018. Almost identical to the last few rams I got. Just can’t turn up a monster. I blew it on a better ram opening weekend with zach. But. Considering everything this was a satisfying ram. Decided to go out solo today after Dickweed decided he was going...
  15. paulc

    I am being replaced

    DW took his girlfriend sheep hunting this morning. This is an OTC tag, and pretty tough hunt in some very rugged country. She is a hunter already and a very nice girl. They got her first sheep. Trying to figure out where this leaves me.
  16. paulc

    Highlight of the year for us. DW's late archery bull

    So cool when it comes together. Zach has been working hard at this hunt every opportunity since he got the tag. Scouting every chance he could, even though it seems that bulls would not pattern or stay in the same country. 1st Day had a long beamed 6x7 scouted up. Found him around 8:00...
  17. paulc

    The planets re aligned

    After AZ humbled me and beat me down, I had no time to lick my wounds. After Zach gave up his opening day for his coues hunt in NM (a unit we have never stepped foot in) I took one day to catch up on business at home, then I went out to scout the unit. Dickweed had finals this week so there...
  18. paulc

    If you're gonna fail. Fail big!!

    19 Arizona points. 12 AW Late hunt on the fame Kaibab. What could go wrong? Tag soup is what. This tag came with a lot of pressure. Mostly because of how long it took to draw it. I told myself I would not shoot anything smaller than my best buck a 185 4/8, unless it was old, heavy and had...
  19. paulc

    Dickweed's CO buck

    This is the same unit I hunted last year in 4th season and it took 10 points. When we found out that the 3rd season took 0-1 points to draw and basically it was only 1 week earlier we figured Zach would burn his points and give it a try. The only shocker was the number of hunters. It was...
  20. paulc

    How do you post pics that are to large these days?

    Wanted to post some pics of dickweeds co deer hunt, and it has always been cumbersome, but, all of them were to large. Went to download something so I could shrink them and I think I put a malware or some garbage on my Mac. Does anyone have a link to a legit software to shrink pics??? These...