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  1. sdbrewer

    There are no birds in the niland area

    Good day with the boy. Miss you wister boys (and girls) and hope you are all well.
  2. sdbrewer

    Weird Teal

    We noticed the strange coloring on this teal when we were cleaning birds. Much lighter than the standard model and no green on the wing. Any thoughts? Had a great hunt. He struggled a little on Saturday but worked through the shooting issues (switched guns half way through the day) for a...
  3. sdbrewer

    West instead of east

    Well the duck reports haven't been too encouraging but there were rumblings of large blue fin still around. Found the right boat with the right bait and decided that the ocean was the way to go rather than the desert. I'm pleased with my choice. Estimated 70-80. I'm still sore. Junior...
  4. sdbrewer

    Current wister map?

    Does anyone have a current map of wister they could post? I only have out of date ones. Thanks.
  5. sdbrewer

    Ressie results?

    Is it this weekend? Any word?
  6. sdbrewer

    Opening day Weirdo

    92 in the sweat line. Went with plan B in the morning. Got on to Wister around noonish. This guy was taken on Wister. Had a great opening weekend. Info:
  7. sdbrewer

    WTB Cabelas mag hauler wheel(s)

    Looking for one or two wheels for my mag hauler. Thanks.
  8. sdbrewer

    Asking a favor: Anyone at SJ on Wed and Wister on Saturday?

    My Son, Dad and I hunted SJ last Saturday and my Son left his hoodie and jacket in the blind. Tom and his crew were kind enough to retrieve it and it is now in the back office at the refuge. Many thanks to Tom and his crew! Will anyone be going there on Wednesday and then going to Wister on...
  9. sdbrewer

    A memory from last season - guiding Grampa

    My whole family including my parents went to the Phoenix area for the week of Christmas as my Mother-in-Law was hosting. My Dad drew a card at Wister for both Saturdays (the one before and the one after). We used the card on the way out and had a fine hunt – but that isn’t what this post is...
  10. sdbrewer

    Ilovesprig is onto something . . . hunting with young guns

    My son drew #1 at SJ last Saturday. Took his buddy who is a couple years older but still a junior (they've hunted together for the last 3 seasons) and me. Took Tom's advice on the blind and it worked out very well! Thanks Tom and the SJ crew! Also thanks to our neighbors who were a pleasure...
  11. sdbrewer

    Grassland Road Trip Opener

    My son drew #20 for a grassland refuge for opening day. I’d hunted there once before on a Sunday about 10 years ago or so. Nice refuge with about 30 blinds, half 2 man and half 3 man, mixture of pits and stand up blinds. We were glued to the news to see if the feds would get their act...
  12. sdbrewer

    Vaguely in the market for a new lab

    With the passing of my old dog – thanks for all of the kind words by the way – we are vaguely in the market for a new lab. The family wants one in spring of next year. I’d prefer to wait a year beyond that but if the right litter comes along, I’m sure I will lose that discussion. So, if you...
  13. sdbrewer

    Wister Opening Day Procedure Question

    At the risk of “stirring the pot” – which is not my intent, I am genuinely curious about the reasoning and would like to have a civil discussion – I’d like to ask about the procedure for refills on opening morning at Wister. Last year, the blinds filled mid-way through the lottery draw. Those...
  14. sdbrewer

    Our Opening Weekend -- Goodbye to a family member and lots of doves

    We had a good but strange opening weekend. Our oldest dog -- Annie -- would have turned 15 in October. My wife and I had Annie before we had either of our two boys. Annie was the first dog I attempted to train to hunt. She was OK. Not great but functional and enjoyed hunting. She retired...
  15. sdbrewer

    Union Tract

    I'd like the collective wisdom of those who use Union more than I do so I can take an appropriate position in my letter. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see this thread: Should there be a fifth blind put into Union Tract or...
  16. sdbrewer


    I repeat, you really ought to read this!!!! It isn't long and it isn't complicated. Here's a direct quote that some might find interesting: "The hunting program would be modified to eliminate hunting on Wednesdays during the hunting...
  17. sdbrewer

    The boy's first limit

    I got a very good draw for Saturday. Invited a fellow TOF'er and his friend to hunt with us. Got some great info from another TOF'er -- Thanks! -- and had a great hunt! My son is in his second season and has a fair number of birds to his name. He had not, however, shot a widgeon before...
  18. sdbrewer

    Family Fishing

    Jennings is a relatively new lake for me. Yesterday was my fourth trip there. I had a suspicion that the fishing might be good with the improving weather. Plus, it was a beautiful day so whether we caught fish or not wouldn't matter too much. I have taken the boys for trout fairly regularly...
  19. sdbrewer

    20 ga hevi-metal #3 and #4 shot

    I have two boxes (50 rnds) of #3 and one box (25 rnds) of #4 shot hevi-metal in 20 gauge that we aren't going to use. Bought new this season. Anyone interested in it for $15 per box? It's $20 per box from Roger's if you buy a case and more from Cabela's or a local CA store. I'll be at Wister...
  20. sdbrewer

    Jr. Hunt draw results are posted

    The boy is happy! I'm happy for him! :smiley-clappin-yellow: :smiley-cool-shades-down: