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  1. 1984cj7

    The interweb don't forget

    Found this pic on another forum. The hunter was really stoked he scored. I think they were taken near the ca/az river. Anybody recognize the tailgate? Would this be considered poaching or just thinning down the farm pet? yikes...
  2. 1984cj7

    I-8 closed near Lake Jennings Rd brush fire broke out

    in case some of you don't have facebook, road closed guys. be careful
  3. 1984cj7


    Last years gallo. I took this pheasant and decided to get him to Mr. Breck aka glass eye, turned out awesome!! First mount for my home and the addiction has started. Now looking forward to pheasant archery season to bag me a hen, shouldn't be that hard right :smiley-wnk-yellow: . Here are a few...
  4. 1984cj7

    Handheld Radio's

    Sup Guys, Hope all is good. I'm looking to pick up a few handhelds for the upcoming hunting season. What are you guys sporting? The usual motorals are kind of sh*tty I think they are line of sight kind of frequency, kind suck when you go into a wash and can't communicate anymore. Anyways any...
  5. 1984cj7

    Game Cam card reader

    Hey guys, Since I started putting out game cams last year I found out that it is a VERY addictive addition to my already addictive outdoor life. I have taken my laptop out with me or just waited till I got home to view what the cam caught. A few weeks ago I figured there had to be some kind of...
  6. 1984cj7

    Lion "p22" suspected of killing...
  7. 1984cj7

    Euro Mount Duck?

    Was looking in the interweb for a nice euro mount stand idea to make me a stand for last years buck and ran into this mount, how many of you guys have one? hatchet1 would you dare put one in your trophy room :smiley-yellow:. never thought of this but I guess anything is possible. I might try a...
  8. 1984cj7

    D Zone Buck

    Hello Guys, I'll try and make it short n sweet. After last months archery season/scouting season ended for me I had a good feeling about my hunting spot for this years rifle season, I try a new spot every year to keep the pressure down on the animals. Anyways...1 month, around 1200 miles on the...
  9. 1984cj7

    9-11 Never Forget

    I remember
  10. 1984cj7

    3/4 Day 8-8-15

    just booked me a spot, 10 spots left in case any tof'ers wanna jump on... hope fishing is in full blast by then. :smiley_fishing:
  11. 1984cj7

    Slayer in San Diego

    Some of you might of heard of them... I've been a fan since '86.. Gunna check them out tonight!!
  12. 1984cj7

    RIP Buck Norris
  13. 1984cj7

    the fight of the century already happened.... I'm bored at work... so here you go
  14. 1984cj7

    Cattle Boating!!

    Well my girl needs to go to SD and I need to fish, so I'm jumping on a boat. I don't have much time so it will be a half day off of seaforth. my uncle lives in PB on garnet so we have his pad to chill out.. making a weekend out of it for the fam and dad gets to play a bit. I'm sure me and 30...
  15. 1984cj7

    Fishing Reel Question..

    ok last year on our fishing trip I took the only 2 rigs I owned. 1. shimano trini gold tn30 with 30lb pline 2. penn squal 15 with 20lb pline I hooked up on them tuna a few times but didn't not boat one. A couple of times due to "that guy" I lost the fish... but I also felt that the reel was...
  16. 1984cj7

    When coons attack...
  17. 1984cj7

    Missing Hiker...
  18. 1984cj7

    DFW Deer Managent Survey Findings
  19. 1984cj7

    Canal bank'n it

    Went out for a bit to test out the new reel and it worked great!! caught me a striped bass!!
  20. 1984cj7

    Last day to duck for me and I kept my feet dry...

    I drove to a spot I had seen a few honkers to find nothing. Decided to drive dirt roads back home ... Five minutes into drive down canal bank i spot 7 ducks chilling and decided to take a few down. After jumping them I took my time and only went for the drakes, I clearly spotted 2 in flight and...