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    Indoor ranges will be non-lead

    Yeah hopefully this stuff don't follow you to wherever you are going. Stay politically active and good luck with the move.
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    Girl’s 1st hog

    Strong work Dad, she will never forget that day! Have you found a copper pill that shoots out of the .243?
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    The "New" way to pretend with the Endangered Species Act

    LOL. I have been collecting scat from the local cats in the Simi hills and turning it in to a vet tech who analyzes it for parasites (that is her avocation) for the last 2 years. I find scratchings, toilets, prints, scats, fur, pieces of last night's dinner. My wife rides horses, and...
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    The "New" way to pretend with the Endangered Species Act

    None of it is about sound wildlife decisions. Watch us United States! See the future of giving an inch. Don't give a damn millimeter.
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    The "New" way to pretend with the Endangered Species Act

    Yup. Now in the press the bald eagles are being lead poisoned all across the United States. Just like they supposedly are here in CA. But but bu...there was that disturbing finding that many of our Condors were being poisoned by the old lead filled pipes that were pumping water out to the...
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    The "New" way to pretend with the Endangered Species Act

    The Mountain Lion Foundation just found a new way to play games with the Endangered Species Act. They have proposed that the mountain lion is an endangered animal in a specific area. It is not endangered throughout the rest of it's range, far from it. Lions could be brought in via...
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    R.I.P LLOYD...

    I've never met him or you Hatchet, but I've been hearing about him for a few years now. I am so sorry. I love my dogs more than I like most people. Fair winds and following Seas Lloyd!
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    New anti gun bills

    They were able to take the guns in England. Now everyone walks around with knives. 130,000 attacks per year an attack every 4 minutes. Guns make noise. Guns make criminals fear to confront others on the streets. It is easier for a criminal to get/make a shiv such as a sharpened screwdriver...
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    Lost my hunting buddy...

    I just went through this in October, lost my best friend. I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words...
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    Yeti supporting the NRA? not Not anymore.

    I wrote them I was professional no names or slurs but I was not nice. I think they have an address in Texas This is not going to go over well in Texas
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    Mojave National Preserve

    Put in my 2 cents. Thanks for posting this I almost missed it as I have not bee on this site for a while. Screw the anti's!
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    Lake Sonoma

    Now that you mention it Mikey, I think it was bikes. A S-ton of bikes. I also gave them a review on the form at the end of the hunt. Maybe enough people told them it was a joke and they made it better. One can hope.
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    Lake Sonoma

    I "hunted" there with my boy. Be careful. I had a few people suggest I take my son down to the campground and blow one off the picnic tables. There is a vibe that you are a hunter in the middle of bunny-hugger land, maybe I was just overreading things, but it seemed like people really wanted...
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    CDFW Comission ban bobcat trapping statewide

    Full sized Bobs eat Fawns and can eat does. Deer populations are down. Bobcat populations are not. Lion populations are not. These guys are not doing their jobs. Paid to not listen to the Dept biologists, who have proven deer numbers have dropped 50% in 20 years. Talk about corruption!
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    .223 Nonlead Coyote Kills?

    I built a nice vmax leaded recipe for my .223 AR. 20 inch barrel 1:8 twist. Now am looking at building a nonlead round, considering the Barnes tsx. Anyone have any experience using this round? I am hearing you can't use the powdered core rounds, will splash and not penetrate. The nonlead I...
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    Banning is Not Managment

    I hate this state.
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    BFT all ready?

    There's a few just a lil' above the border line near the 43, but I think you know that already...