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  1. Hogskin

    Results are up

    I drew A16 with my creeps. Can't wait.
  2. Hogskin

    Prop 63, we get a win

    Scott, what do you think the next timeline of events looks like?
  3. Hogskin

    2020 Big Game Digest

    I wonder if the virus nonsense will cause fewer people to put in, thereby increasing the draw odds?
  4. Hogskin

    South of 8 - The Trump Wall

    If the wall meant no pheasant and no border jumpers I'd learn to live with no pheasants.
  5. Hogskin

    Amazing what you find in the woods....

    That looks... delicious.
  6. Hogskin

    Opening day

    Weekend openers always bring out the assclowns en masse.
  7. Hogskin

    Opening day

    I took a buddy to a client's ranch and I shot a limit plus a bunch of euros. Despite being on a private ranch I got peppered pretty good a couple times and felt like lobbing a 3 shot volley at a d-bag shooting near me. I hollered at him a couple times and I always got, "sorry" in response. My...
  8. Hogskin

    Something I found on FaceBook

  9. Hogskin

    Island Adventure

    Great stuff! See any dove?
  10. Hogskin

    English Springer pup wanted

    The creeps are going away to college in a couple weeks, my wife needs something to baby so she doesn't drive me to drink. If anybody has a line I'd appreciate it. I don't need a hunter, the one we already have is dumb as a sack of hammers but lovable. Looking for same.
  11. Hogskin


    Pics or it didn't happen.
  12. Hogskin

    25 Days and nothin !!

    Mixed feelings for me - my client bought the adjoining 300 acres to his ranch and the dove population has grown exponentially. But my two sons will be away at college and this is the first opener that we will miss in 13 years. :(
  13. Hogskin

    Leupold customer service

    I was not the original owner of the Wind Rivers, I bought them from a guy that won them at the MDF banquet. Leupold didn't require any proof of purchase.
  14. Hogskin

    Leupold customer service

    I had an old pair of Leupold Wind River binos that I got about 15 years ago. They were good - not great - but I was more than happy with their performance given what I paid for them (I think around $250). They've been bounced around pretty good, lost the covers and the case. This past year...
  15. Hogskin

    AZ is Hitting Cards!!!

    My buddy's wife drew Kaibab plateau with 2 points. :smiley-yikes:
  16. Hogskin

    How many long guns can you buy in a day?

    Gonna buy graduation gifts for the Creeps and don’t wanna make two trips.
  17. Hogskin

    Anybody know a good handgun instructor on the west side of LA?

    Holy *bleep* this place is gun shy. It automatically censored the d a r k side to the "boom boom room".
  18. Hogskin

    Anybody know a good handgun instructor on the west side of LA?

    One of my business partners came to the dark side and bought a pistol. He is not an experienced shooter and wants to take lessons - learn how to handle it safely, shoot it safely, clean it, etc. I don't have the time or patience for him. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  19. Hogskin

    Dove hunting steel shells

    I actually just got an email that they arrived in store!
  20. Hogskin

    Dove hunting steel shells

    FYI, I ordered these things and they are on backorder. I think they're going to delay until they can just refund my money.