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    dog found in high desert

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    dog found in the high desert

    just saw this on fb.... hope that link works... says he was found 15 miles south of ridgecrest... curt
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    Another drive by

    Been up and down the hill twice the last 2 days, as far as the outlets by Barstow for a short ride... the point is, it's wet up here a little... had a couple rain cells come through... it can only be good for the birds, I'm diggin'it! Thought I'd share for anyone else who has a few chuckar still...
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    my drive by post

    I don't get in here much anymore, work and life are a drag anyway, last time remember seeing this many butterflys was around 96' or 97'.... a good el nino year I think... anyways, all this rain makes things really good for the bugs and birds... I think we can look for some...
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    don't post much but getting excited X9A

    been busy as heck with life and biz.... I recognize a few names from a few years ago but don't expect anyone really remembers me, I'm a phantom member I guess... lol anyway, put my son and nephew in a separate group for X9A... really expect they'll get drawn this year and I get to be the...
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    recording your hunt

    i'm thinking about trying to record a lot of my hunt, filming the animals we see, if we see anything.... think i'll try to get an adapter for my spotting scope to get some good pic, maybe the video camera can attach too? I have a vortex razor HD 16x48... anyone have any experience connecting a...
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    heading up to D7 next week

    fire, fire, fire..... i'll be heading in from the east side though, bishop for those who are scouting. haven't been up there yet this year so i'm not sure what to expect with this fire, really hoping it pushes some animal east. anyone seeing and effects, positive or negative from the fires and...
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    i'm sooooo confused.....

    that's my best jeff spicoli, fast times... I don't know where I want to apply, X9A or X12. taking my nephew who now has a few points, he's completely new so i'll be coaching him as we hopefully put him on his first deer. not certain we have enough ponts but we're going to try. either way, which...
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    the older boy got the cow now

    my younger got his first buck this year with hatchet, now the older one put the hurting on his first cow up in northern Utah, or the Holy Land as the Mormons call it... it was freaking cold, got down to -10 with some wind. worked the hills hard with some of those Polaris rangers, those things...
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    Yound D dropped the hammer

    Hatchet gave you guys the news, now for the details of the grueling excursion. started with an early call to the school, kid was feeling fake-sick so I had to keep him home... yeah right, no schools ever going to interfere with this kind of stuff. anyway, we met up with matt early in the...
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    over the counter cow tag

    So I hate asking for info that's available with a little work but I'm going to ask anyway, while I'm reading the regs. The simple question is about ID, UT and CO cow elk tags, are they available over the counter all year, only certain seasons or not at all for non-residents? I'm wanting to take...
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    baiting the yotes

    so a friend has done this in another state, they've gound up a bunch of fish and put it into an empty milk jug then froze it. once frozen they punched a bunch of holes in the bottom and hung it from a tree, just out of the reach of the yotes but close enough for them to stick around waiting for...
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    dbl lunged the great beast!!!

    so I was looking through my window yesterday afternoon at an area where there had been some heavy grazing and foraging in front of my house, when the monster decided to show his face. "Finally, I have the beast in sight"! Becasue I was concerned about any noice causing a concern with my...
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    Looking for a Christmas dog

    My kid wants a dog, and so do I. We want to surprise him with a lab for Christmas but would consider a GSP. Any suggestions, this will be our first dog, I've heard the GSP is a high energy dog, may not be the best first dog option? I'm really liking the idea of a lab, have only heard good of...
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    Dead dog!

    my buddy has some property in the IE, lots of dogs out there so he invited me out for a shoot. the first trip, we saw one way off but some bikers came through and chased him out. later, at a different stand, we had 2 running in on a string, then they stopped and paused for a minute, one jumped...
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    IV pheasant

    i'm gunna try to get my 10 yr old out for some pheasant, are there generally birds on the game fields down in the IV or are those usually just dove fields, i've never been there? also, i've heard the bird count is down this year, is that true, maybe it'd be better to take him to one of those...
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    second tag question

    so my first tag is premium zone. i was talking with a buddy yesterday about getting second tag for down south here and he said he remembers years ago when the second tag had to be AO. is that the case today? i was just reading through the big game book and didn't see anything like that. as far...
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    Shooting times?

    Someone was saying shooting time ends at noon, that's news to me. Is dude tripping or am I wrong, again? I don't see anything in the regs that says shooting ends at noon. The only reason I've ever stopped is because the heat. Usually done with limits early or the heat send me running.
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    Day two numbers?

    I was only able to stay for day one but probably going to head back down some day mid week with less people. I have two young guys with me, the 10 yr old took a stinger in the leg so I got real cautious about where we were with so many people. Anyway, anyone having some success on day 2? Does...
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    Petition question, mt lions

    How realistic is it to get a mt. Lion hunt put on the ballot, how many signatures would be needed and who do you think might get behind the idea with money to promote it? Maybe it would be straight grassroots but with deer numbers down and encounters up I think some strategic adds with victims...