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    good year

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    good year

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    good year

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  4. 187elk

    Mt archery lope down

    Sorry, been gone for a bit.  Crazy summer, work is great, but way busy.  Thank God for hunting season. Started off great, 3 days into antelope season.  I got the biggest one I have ever gotten.  79" just shy of 80.  Best part, my wife and son watched from the truck with the spotting scopes and...
  5. 187elk

    ground hog pounding

    Finally got to shoot something with my new Ruger American in .243win.  bought it for yotes with .223 being so hard to find.  have another deer gun now.  I was a bit nervous, being the price on these.  This thing is a tack driver, I love it.  
  6. 187elk

    Went to ATA...some new stuff

    Here is one I liked a lot...   also Bow mags...   www,   the bow put a .357 or .38 shell in the front...I just want to play with it..Rambo crap.  Hog hunting would be fun.   Also Tenzing, can out with a carbon fiber framed...
  7. 187elk

    new gun

    I just picked up a new Ruger American .243 with a Leupold VX-I 3x9...and it is a sweet little gun.  I knew what scope I was going to put on it...went in for a .223, but with all that is going on...that was .223's on the wall, and ammo is stupid for it write now.  I can use this for...
  8. 187elk

    Christmas day Kitty! Mountain lion

    got my first cat ever, was fun! New respect for cat hunters...long runs! ton of work! Wife let me go run on christmas day, after scoring some sweet grifts, I score on a cat for Christmas...way jazzed!
  9. 187elk

    Really good mule deer rut footage

    This is just nuts, some really crazy they needed new undies...
  10. 187elk

    2nd Montana Muley

    Took my second buck of the year here, he was all rutted up, stalked him to 30 yards twice. Too many willows in the way and he had his head up a does butt. Finally got him in the open at 55 and dropped the hammer.
  11. 187elk

    Been awhile...but I am back

    Been a long season so far...and still holding a few tags...but here is to date
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    Another deer down in MT

    got a doe with my son, and almost got my wife a really nice buck...she could not see her pins clearly, too dark, she chose not to shoot..proud of her..and it was a good buck and would have been her first with a is my doe
  13. 187elk

    My freak and my brother's freak deer

    Stalked him in a wheat field to 33 yards, found him a few weeks ago antelope hunting...decided he was just too cool. My brother took this huge freak whitetail on opening night...sat for 13 hours in his stand... My brother
  14. 187elk

    Montana archery speedgoat

    After 3 days of hunting I got it done....was a heck of a stalk..long...but got it done and shot the biggest buck in about 5 seasons and my 14th with my bow...
  15. 187elk

    Long time no chat

    Well, summer has been crazy...I did do something fun though... Went to Utah for the Bowcast at the Bird Archery shoot and ran the first ever 46rail Mountain mile...was crazy...1.1 miles of running with over 800ft of elvation had five targets to shoot...clay pigeons...if you missed...
  16. 187elk

    Bull I saw tonight

    He was still packing...late in the year..used to seeing spikes packing, but he was an older bull, good 5x5 and still packing...
  17. 187elk

    Couple of wife shoots the wall in one..with her bow

    Here are a few videos of wife shooting...funny...she got home it was snowing out, and my some and I had been shooting in the house. My son wanted to see mom do it, she tried...for some reason to shoot instinctive for the first time ever...and this is the result...
  18. 187elk

    BEar season opens next weekend

    MT bear season opens nextweek...I am for turkeys for a few days..then all bears.
  19. 187elk

    My boy and I last weekend...Gophers are out!

    Ground squirrels are out...sort of...we got a few before the snow flew again....he is going to get one this year...he kept scaring them off..
  20. 187elk

    Reality Bowhunting blog

    The video I made the other night while bored and goofing the blog this week over at Reality Bowhunting TV I was just messing with my editting skills..which lack...and used a [email protected]$$ song...think that is what he liked... I was...