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  1. snoopdogg

    Big Game Booklet online

    It's that time again.
  2. snoopdogg

    Hunter Ed Training?

    Any Northern Cali folks getting their yearly "train the trainer" tomorrow in Concord? I'll be there. Also California Association of Taxidermist's is doing their yearly in Woodland. I'll be doing that too. Then sometime this weekend, I'll be seeing the wife and midgets...
  3. snoopdogg

    Ed and Roy

    You boys have been popping up on the interweb lately, Ed scoring that monster ram and Roy's article in WH. Good stuff fellas.
  4. snoopdogg

    2018 Big Game Booklet at Wally Mart

    I dont see it online, but the 2018 guide was at Walmart. How'd that happen!?
  5. snoopdogg

    Hush Movie Premiere

    Just started, they mentioned Zach in first few minutes. This might be good Paul...
  6. snoopdogg

    Still hate Colorado

    "Drew" a 0 point unit in Colorado and intended to fill freezer. Told everyone about realistic expectations and to kill whatever they want, but, this is still Colorado and there is always a chance at a fatty. My bro, meat hunter extraordinaire lights this guy up 1 hour into the season, about 2.5...
  7. snoopdogg


    I checked the back door. Goin' back again this year, just don't know if I drew 2nd or 3rd season. Put in for a unit I should draw with 0 points. Not gonna do the waiting game anymore and I'm gonna chase muleys as much as I can.
  8. snoopdogg

    2017 Big Game booklet is finally up.
  9. snoopdogg

    Check this out, new Sec of Interior kicks ass

    Rejects Obama lead ban AND wants recommendations for more hunting and fishing opportunity on fed lands.
  10. snoopdogg

    A new era for Americans!

    I just feel like it's Christmas for the USA. Like him or not, our new president takes over in a couple of hours. I fully expect this president to bring SOME common sense back to the USA. As an hunter and owner of many guns, I hope to see some gains in the outdoors on our behalf. I have, dare...
  11. snoopdogg

    I hate 3rd Season Colorado--again!

    So the boy and I drew 3rd season Southeast Colorado, but like everyone else, I was cursed with good weather when I needed bad weather. Nonetheless, since this hunt was late and I knew the longer I held out, regardless of the lack of snow/really cold temps, the bucks would begin fiddling with the...
  12. snoopdogg

    New Big Game Booklet is up.
  13. snoopdogg

    My best buck ever!

    Actually, no. This is my smallest buck ever. But, I had an epic hunt and I felt like sharing. Paul's bad-ass mountain goat hunt in Montana made me wanna write this up, but I don't have a once-in-a-lifetime trophy. But, I did have a memorable hunt. I rolled up to Northern Cali and hunted a...
  14. snoopdogg

    So, wolves eat livestock you say?
  15. snoopdogg

    Yap, yap...meow...silence

    In today's LA Times, a poodle was snatched from a Burbank backyard by a .... Mountain Lion! P-22 Cousin I bet!
  16. snoopdogg

    Cecil's revenge

    Safari guide killed by Cecil's homey. Collared AND named lion did him in. I hope the backlash and attention are as appropriate as Cecil's death.
  17. snoopdogg

    Who wants wolves? We got'em.

    DFW has issued a release with pictures. The newest apex predator is HERE chumps. And you can't do anything about those poor, fuzzy, warm little canines. Sorry to report....
  18. snoopdogg

    Big Game Digest 2015 is up! Get some!!
  19. snoopdogg

    I hate hunting mammals!

    Late post, but I filled my second tag this year. I was out about enjoying the woods when, just like his pal before him, he decided to hang around for a bit too long. Being of inferior, non-forky proportions, I was forced to launch a long-range missile at him. He had nothing to say for himself...
  20. snoopdogg

    I hate hunting blacktails!

    But I killed one on Sunday, though. After passing on some lesser animals in my earlier backpack hunt, I thought I'd take one down if the situation presented itself and we had great weather. I was looking for bears mainly, but wouldn't pass a decent blackie since I've got other trips planned and...