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    Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad

    No one knows what to really do when you favorite hunting partner passes away. Relive in your mind the many moments you had together. Think back on all the great conversations you had when the skies where empty. Look at the lab left behind knowing how many hundreds of birds he brought to hand...
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    Kern Brush fire
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    NV Bear Poachers
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    Arkansas Duck Hunters worried about the future
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    Mystic Lake
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    Who's up for a hunt?
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    So I went for a jog...decided to kill a mountain lion instead
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    Colorado River Water Agreement

    The deadline passed for an agreement yesterday so the Feds took over until AZ and CA can come on board. Looks like IID is holding out for $200 million for the Salton Sea. Two articles:
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    Decline in Hunters - Who will pay for Conservation?
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    Biggest Buck Ever?
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    El Nino watch It's gotta be the crabs. :smiley-ugly-lol-bashing-sign:
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    Wister - Mud Pots

    In case anyone is curious on what all that digging is across from the Wister check station:
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    Dog shots owner And why was it loaded in the truck..........
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    For all you Ford guys:
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    Legacy of the Whitetail Deer Hunter - Netflix
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    Flat Earth? The Salton Sea Test I swear I think I saw SoCal Duckie in the group. :smiley-wnk-yellow: :smiley-wave-hello-yellow:
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    Salton Sea Dying -- Will Prop 68 help at all? Doubt it......
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    Hunting Ranch For Sale - TX

    Hatchet can afford this:
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    WSJ Opinion - So Long, California. Sayonara, New York

    OPINION COMMENTARY So Long, California. Sayonara, New York Blue states will lose millions of people in the years to come—and they aren’t ready. By Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore April 24, 2018 7:18 p.m. ET719 COMMENTS As the Trump tax cut was being debated...