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    Enforcement of New CA Ammo Regs???

    With dove season coming, I am wondering how the CA bozos are going to handle the CA hunters coming back from AZ. I typically take a handful of guns in four or five gauges and shoot what I feel like on any given day. That means I take enough ammo to shoot any one gauge for the whole three-day...
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    Salton Sea Article in L A Times 05/17/18

    In today's Times. Lots of talk, very little action. Even less money.
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    Remington Bankruptcy Filing

    Bloomberg reported today that Remington has announced they will be filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, which is really a reorganization/restructuring play. Look for more details in the next couple of days.
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    Need A New Game Butcher

    Our group has tried several wild game butcher shops around Southern California (mostly around LA/OC), with mixed results on sausage. So, we are looking for recommendations for a spectacularly good butcher shop that can make incredibly good sausage from elk, deer, pigs, etc. Currently have some...
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    File This Under: "CA Sucks"

    Was in Temecula Walmart this morning for some cooking stuff and thought I would grab some shells for a quick Yuma dove trip. All ammo locked up, and this sign on the cabinet: So now we can't order over the internet without going through an FFL, we can't bring in any ammo from another state...
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    Remington's Strange New Rifle

    I don't know that I would want a Rem 700 with "reduced fowling." There are few enough ducks as it is.
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    Saving the Salton Sea

    This was on KPCC Monday 8/15. Runs about 19 minutes, worth listening to.
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    Condor Story From NPR

    Not political or legal or even hunting, except that they mention lead poisoning toward the end as the greatest threat to condor survival. Turns out the real culprit is dead sea lions on the central coast. Who'd a thunk it...
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    Duck Stamp Film

    From NPR.
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    Saving The Salton Sea

    Short video from KCET. I don't think I have seen this one posted here in the past. I found this while looking for another Salton Sea video produced by Palomar College. Just found the Palomar College video on the Sea. It's...
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    Bass Pro teams up with Goldman for Cabela's bid

    Posted last night on Reuter's. If this deal goes through, it will reduce competition significantly and force the imposition of sales tax on Cabela's shipments into CA. CA law already requires you to pay tax on internet sales, but this will move it to the original sale tab. Perhaps the biggest...
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    Saudis Buying Up CA and AZ Farmland

    This was on Fox News a few days ago. The 14,000-15,000 acres are apparently split between Blythe and Vicksburg. Anybody seen these farms yet? I expect they will all be posted "no hunting." They are probably using no more, and perhaps less, water than the farmers they are replacing, but...
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    I have a dream...

    From another hunting site.
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    Salton Sea Articles

    Here are a couple of recent L.A. Times articles on the problems at The Sea. Looks like the Times has put a reporter on regular coverage, but that may change with the layoffs they are announcing this week.
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    Kern Info

    From an article posted today by KPCC/NPR. Take a look at the sat photos in the article.
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    Drug Tunnel Under All American Canal

    Be careful out there.
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    Saving The Salton Sea

    Interesting Op-Ed in today's L.A. Times. The online version has pics and links that are not in the print version.
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    Scientists dial back prediction of El Niño El NinoNASA.GOVGovernment scientists have downgraded predictions that an El Niño weather pattern...
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    State Officials Warn of Possible Increase in Waterfowl Deaths

    State Officials Warn of Possible Increase in Waterfowl Deaths Current drought conditions could lead to an increase in avian botulism and the deaths of thousands of waterfowl, according to the CDFW. By Mirna Alfonso July 31, 2014 at 10:02 pm 0 0 The California Department of...
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    Desal Breakthrough by Lockheed

    Not commercially viable yet, but technically feasible.