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  1. Hogskin

    Results are up

    I drew A16 with my creeps. Can't wait.
  2. Hogskin

    English Springer pup wanted

    The creeps are going away to college in a couple weeks, my wife needs something to baby so she doesn't drive me to drink. If anybody has a line I'd appreciate it. I don't need a hunter, the one we already have is dumb as a sack of hammers but lovable. Looking for same.
  3. Hogskin

    Leupold customer service

    I had an old pair of Leupold Wind River binos that I got about 15 years ago. They were good - not great - but I was more than happy with their performance given what I paid for them (I think around $250). They've been bounced around pretty good, lost the covers and the case. This past year...
  4. Hogskin

    How many long guns can you buy in a day?

    Gonna buy graduation gifts for the Creeps and don’t wanna make two trips.
  5. Hogskin

    Anybody know a good handgun instructor on the west side of LA?

    One of my business partners came to the dark side and bought a pistol. He is not an experienced shooter and wants to take lessons - learn how to handle it safely, shoot it safely, clean it, etc. I don't have the time or patience for him. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  6. Hogskin

    Toyota 4Runner failing smog

    One of the Creeps totaled his car and now wants to buy a 4Runner. He found one on Craigslist, it's a 1999 with about 140k miles on it. I went with him to check it out, it's SUPER clean, drives like a dream. Guy has had the timing belt & water pump done about 10k miles ago. I told him I...
  7. Hogskin

    Okay, so I'm just going to brag a little bit

    The Creeps are in their senior year and the school does a special spread for the seniors in the yearbook. The yearbook coordinator asked each student to submit a bunch of things to be included in their personal spread - couple of pictures, some personal highlights, accomplishments, a Bible...
  8. Hogskin

    The more you know

    I had a doctor appointment this morning. In case you didn't already know, apparently asking your doctor to spit on his finger before you get a prostate exam is considered inappropriate.
  9. Hogskin

    Travelers, I need your input

    One of my creeps is set to go on a 16 day mission trip to Nicaragua at the beginning of June. If you've been following the news, there has recently been some unrest in Managua, students protesting Ortega, dozens of protesters getting killed. The US state dept has a travel advisory at level 3...
  10. Hogskin

    Proud dad moment

    Yesterday we went to my nutty, leftist sister-in-law’s house for Easter Sunday lunch. After lunch my sister-in-law said, “Okay, egg hunt for all the kids!” My sons, “We’re too old for egg hunts.” She said, “Well, I put money in a bunch of the eggs” to which they replied, “We’re in.” My...
  11. Hogskin

    Remington files for bankruptcy?

    Trump is apparently bad for the gun business. Although the marches and other nonsense should give it a shot in the arm. Remington Outdoor Company filed for Chapter 11 protection in a Delaware bankruptcy court on Sunday. With the...
  12. Hogskin

    Antelope recommendations

    I never would have thought it would happen but the creeps are actually thinking of not playing football this coming summer/fall, their HC is such a douchenozzle that they're thinking of taking their talents to south beach (whatever that means). It's a double kick in the balls for me since I've...
  13. Hogskin

    Question for you shade tree mechanics

    When you guys do a brake job do you turn the rotors or just get new rotors? Going to do the job with my son on his 2000 Toyota Tacoma. New rotors are about 50 bucks a piece. Not sure of cost or where I'd get them turned.
  14. Hogskin

    Did you guys see this? Any truth to it? This happened near Bishop Ca. A large herd was moving across a mountain side and apparently hit ice. They estimated close to 70 were either dead or dying. There were two people that found them and were...
  15. Hogskin

    Steel pheasant load recommendations?

    The creeps got drawn for a pheasant hunt that requires steel shot. Can anybody recommend a good steel load?
  16. Hogskin

    How do you do it...

    It's freaking dry out there. Found one to hang my A31 tag on today and could not close the deal. Walking on those leaves is like walking on Lay's potato chips, that thing was gone. Do you take off the boots? Wear sneakers? Wool socks? Help a brother out. Another question, will he go back...
  17. Hogskin

    Questions for guys that served in the military

    The creeps are going into their junior year. Creep #1 is a smart kid - honor roll, AP's all that stuff and is a decent athlete (not that he'd ever go D1 but he could probably bundle the academics with the athletics to get some kind of ride to a D3 or NAIA). He has always been the analytical...
  18. Hogskin

    Carrizo pronghorn

    A friend got this picture and forwarded it to me. They're still out there, I sure haven't seen any in a long time.
  19. Hogskin

    Rusty shotgun

    Late last year I let one of the creeps take my precious Beretta shotgun on a hunt with some friends with the promise that he'd clean it and put it away. I was in the safe last night and I came across it, there was a nice orange rust all over the dang thing. Best I could do was about 2 hours of...
  20. Hogskin

    Looking for new binos, suggestions please

    I'm soon going to be in the market for some new binos. I currently have some 10x42 Leupolds that are decent but was thinking of going to some 12x50's. My budget is around $600. If anyone has recommendations on a make/model I'd love to hear them. Also would like your thoughts on the 12x50 vs...