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  1. beretta619

    Wister area road closures?

    When do the roads close to the public on Wister WA?
  2. beretta619

    Shooting east of San Diego

    Anyone know a decent spot to throw a few clays east of San Diego? The lady just got a new shotgun and we're looking to go out tomorrow morning. I don't feel like going to a crowded business and I would like to avoid driving all the way out to the valley. I'd like to keep it on this side of the...
  3. beretta619

    Large decoy bags??

    Anyone have recommendations on large, free standing decoy bags? I have the jet sled (54"x25") and float it with me when I pick up decoys, but it doesn't hold 4+ dz. I'm looking for something similar to the rig em right XL tanker to fit inside the sled and allow me to pick up all the decoys in...
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    Searched and found old forums, nothing recent so..... Blackcloud is in sale at rogers 3" 3s $175/case AND $75 mail-in rebate. So In several months when that rebate finally comes in, that is $100/case for blackcloud. For those of you who shoot and/or have shot blackcloud, what is your opinion...
  5. beretta619

    Any juniors need to get out?

    Ive only been able to make it out a handful of times this season due to finishing up paramedic school. But, just my luck, now that the season is over, I have weekends off... It got me thinking that if there are any juniors out there that need someone to take them out to wister for the junior...
  6. beretta619

    Roto molded cooler

    I'm thinking about getting an Rtic roto molded cooler (basically same exact cooler as yeti but half price). I'm thinking about getting the 45qt. Does anyone have that and wish they went bigger? The next size up is a 65qt and that seems huge for my needs (2 day waterfowl hunting trips/upland...
  7. beretta619

    Ear pro

    What do you guys use? I'm thinking of electronic muffs that will enhance sound but also don't want them to interfere with shouldering my gun. Walkers game ear has a new "razor" series that are slimmer than normal muffs, but then again they only have 1 speaker so you can't tell what direction...
  8. beretta619

    Cutting egg weights

    I replaced my strap anchors with egg weights a couple seasons ago for Texas rigging...didn't turn out how I imagined. I accidentally ordered 6oz weights instead of 3oz but decided to keep them. Anyways, is it possible to cut them in half somehow into ~3oz? Of course, I'd prefer to use...
  9. beretta619

    Training books / videos recommendations

    So my 13 week male lab is doing great with backyard retrieves using pheasant wings and dummies. He can sit, fetch on command without breaking (if my hand is resting on him), and will bring the wings all the way back 75% of the time. I'm looking to follow a book/video program to train him with...
  10. beretta619

    Duck Hunting Decoy Cart

    I've been wanting to upgrade to a new duck hunting decoy cart since last season and still haven't found what I am looking for and am searching one last time before I settle for a mag hauler. I currently use a smaller deer cart with 16" wheels that barely hauls all my gear. I need something...
  11. beretta619

    "Swimmer" puppies

    My family has a deposit down on a yellow male (currently 4 weeks old). Only two pups made it and ours is one. The breeder said they are fat from eating too much and can't walk yet, but instead crawl on theyre stomachs in a way that mimicks the breast stroke. She is working with them every day...
  12. beretta619

    Looking for a labrador

    Searching for a yellow lab pup for my parents. They are looking for a male, and more of the English labrador type or something inbetween. (they do not like the look of the skinny, long nosed american/field type labs). They are also looking for a lighter colored yellow... I will be training him...
  13. beretta619

    Snow and duck full bodies..look natural together?

    Looking to get a few more fb duck decoys this off season and was thinking about adding a few snow full bodies as well. I don't really target snows, but thought they might add to the look of the spread. My question is, would it look natural to have let's say 6 snow decoys and a mix of pintail...
  14. beretta619

    Rigemright XL bag in jet sled?

    I have the standard jet sled (54" x 25"). I'm looking for a large decoy bag that will stay open for easy decoy pickup and can fit in the jet sled and has to hold around 4dz decoys. The xl tanker by rigemright looks to be what I want. It's dimensions of the bag are are 40"L x 24"W. The interior...
  15. beretta619

    Remington rebate...anyone?

    Has anyone gotten their rebate back for remington nitro steel or hypersonic? It's been a while and haven't heard anything. I sent in the printed out rebate form, I cut out the individual bar codes, and sent in my receipt from rogers (I believe that was everything the required).
  16. beretta619

    Duck full bodies vs shells

    Looking to get more decoys to put on the edge of dikes and on loafing bars. Full bodies look better but shells are way cheaper and easier to transport. Do ducks care? I'd prefer full bodies but if the ducks don't mind, shells will hurt the wallet a little less. I have 4 ghg pintail and am...
  17. beretta619

    Labrador recommendations

    Our current male lab is approaching 13yo and unfortunately with his medical issues he'll be leaving us soon. So, I'm now looking at options for a new male yellow lab and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for yellow lab pups available possibly around February or shortly after. This will...
  18. beretta619

    Blind bags

    What do you use? Im looking to get a blind bag to organize my gear and bring it into the field. I currently use a large pack and throw everything in the main compartment which is unorganized and I tend to lose/break things that way. Currently looking at the: 1) cabelas northern flight...
  19. beretta619

    Big game treestands carry all game cart? Anyone have one or seen one? How does it compare to the mag hauler in size? Is this the cart you saw, Steve?
  20. beretta619

    Wtb mag hauler or large cart

    Looking to buy a mag hauler or any style larger cart if anyone is looking to sell one cheapish. The smaller game cart I have (thank you Aaron-Slayersmith) is definitely overloaded. If anyone is looking to get rid of a cart let me know. I'm in sam Diego but will be hunting Wister regularly. Thanks