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    2010 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Access Cab with Pickup Shell - $11900 (Vista, CA)

    The family is expanding and we had to get a bigger truck. This truck has only had one owner and is in Very Good Condition! Meticulously maintained with complete service records available. Clean title, passed Smog in 2022 with no problems and has current registration (through February 2023)...
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    No tag soup for me.

    Haha, that's awesome!
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    No tag soup for me.

    I like the camo. Wish that worked for me.
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    Kern NWR 2021/22 Season Opener Will be Delayed

    I think your view is micro focused and looking at the short term rather than the long term. The klamath/tule situation is man made, has been an issue, and will continue to be an issue after the drought. The larger threat to waterfowl is Prarie pothole habitat destruction and changing farming...
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    Kern NWR 2021/22 Season Opener Will be Delayed

    Hmm, because the top Waterfowl biologists in the country say its not all bad. And your credentials are?
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    Kern NWR 2021/22 Season Opener Will be Delayed

    Not at all. Drought is a natural cycle and good for Waterfowl. We are still above the long term average and no where near the population of the 80s. Let nature do its thing and read up on the population ecology.
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    I'm interested in taking up hunting again after many years but...

    half true. public is available but highly utilized half true and mostly true. Quality guides book 1 year in advance. true. delete public true half true. see 9. true mostly not true. 99.9% rejection rate CA half true. ~10% chance of drawing a quality hunt is good odds. ~$1000 yes privileged...
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    HR 6006/S. 3348: Republicans Conspiring With Democrats To Institute Searchable, National Electronic Gun Registry

    Take Action: What would H.R. 6006/S. 3348 do? Makes information you enter on ATF Form 4473 searchable via computer Does an...
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    2Rocky 2020 Turkey

    That's an incredible picture
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    CA Bills Destructive to Hunting

    Sadly true. Best to quarantine it here though. Never understood out of staters burying there heads in the sand thinking it wont eventually make it to them. With HR 5717 and the next democratic federal government, the rest of the country is going to feel the CA pain.
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    HR 5717 is 2020's Gunpocalypse
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    HR 5717 is 2020's Gunpocalypse

    HR 5717 would: Mandate a license to buy guns Create a nationwide gun registry Ban almost all semiautomatic rifles Institute a federal Magazine Ban Implement national "Red Flag" gun confiscation Tax guns at 30% and ammo at 50% Ban patriots under 21 from exercising their Second Amendment rights...
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    CA Bills Destructive to Hunting

    several bills have been identified that, if passed, would be very destructive to hunting - including the following: AB 2429 (Irwin) Hunting and fishing guides would impose several new licensing requirements on hunting guides – Oppose AB 3058 (Chu) Firearms: vehicle storage would impose...
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    Where are you located and how much? Lets see pics of the dam and sire too. How much does the dam and sire weigh?
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    Duck collectables

    I'll take them. I'm out of north county San Diego, but I can't pick them up until December 15.