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    According to two docs, I got a mild case of covid that manifested ten days after my first Pfizer shot. Too late to be a side effect. Docs think I was exposed a few days before the first shot and that shot helped mitigate symptoms. Felt like total crap for eight days, fine now. No real side...
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    Is TOF dead?

    Decline seemed to start with the site "upgrade." Covid didn't help. I won't use FaceTwit or TwitBook or InstaCrap. Ever.
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    Hooked for life

    Love it.
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    Fish vacuum sealer

    I have an old Kenmore sealer and another one that's even older, but I forget the brand. Both have separate settings for wet and dry sealing, and I have never had any problems with getting a good seal. I do always double seal (two lines) just to be sure. Best place to buy bags in large...
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    Jim Mathews statement.

    I've been noticing far too many milestones lately, and I don't like it one bit. So, what will you be doing?
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    Wister Dove Hunting

    You can find a great spot that looks promising 2 hours before LST and some clown will come and set up 20 feet away 10 minutes before LST. Sadly too many hunters have never been taught respect ! Good luck !! And that's one reason we are not going to Yuma for the opener. Seems that the CA lead...
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    I did it... RETIRED!!!

    My brother's appendix burst while he was in the ER waiting room. Busy night, so they couldn't get to him. He wound up spending ten days in the hospital because of the burst.
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    Indoor ranges will be non-lead

    Another example of governmental legislative over reach.
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    More gun control proposed.

    Portantino is a fat fool. He's been doing this crap for years, so not surprising. There is always a certain overreach in his legislative proposals, combined with a serious lack of logic.
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    Hunting license sales in California WAY down in 2019.

    Not sure why duck stamp sales are down. At least in So Cal, it probably has a lot to do with the scarcity of ducks. Duck numbers around here seem to have been on a steady decline over the last twenty or so years. Doesn't mean duck populations are down, just that they are not getting here...
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    Hunting license sales in California WAY down in 2019.

    The hassle and difficulty of hunting in CA has seemed to affect AZ. I live in CA but have been hunting in AZ for 20 years or more. This last dove season (2019) was in some ways spoiled by all the CA hunters who descended on AZ and who brought their CA entitlement attitude with them. The level...
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    Waterfowl Gear

    Turners Temecula used to stock waders, but I have not been in there for a few years.
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    CARB compliant w/s/w fluid

    Just so you don't feel too bad about the fluid, consider that in China you have to show a valid passport to buy a SIM card for your cell phone. A Frank Zappa once said, "It can't happen here." Or, can it?
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    Crazy Fire Danger

    I told a So Cal Edison surveyor last year that I was pissed that they were providing a third world electrical grid, and he was offended. Bunch of assholes running that company and the whole state.
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    I drew #1 for the Kern opener a few years ago, but it was the year that Obama shut down the government. That's probably it for this lifetime.
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    Temecula trip. - Fly into ONT or SAN

    Well, if you were in Temecula today you could go to the Hot Wheels Power Tour in the WalMart parking lot! That's about as exciting as it gets around here.
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    Temecula trip. - Fly into ONT or SAN

    Use Ontario, especially if you are arriving on a weekday afternoon. Traffic north from San Diego is just horrible, but south from Ontario is not that bad. When you leave town it's kind of the opposite in the afternoons, but I'd still use Ontario. Ontario airport is right at the 15 freeway, so...
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    Opening day

    We hunted Yuma and it was absolutely overrun with California hunters. Not the usual bunch who are generally well behaved, but this opener was full of jerks who would park and set up 20 feet from where we were already standing or already had a stool under a bush. Talking to them was futile. No...
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    Salton Sea Documentary

    Newsom is a lying sack of crap. Hair boy with a lot of rich friends, what a putz.
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    Three for me, one on the chest and two on the nose. Last one got a skin graft. Wear a damned hat and lots of sunscreen and long sleeve shirts, even in AZ in September. Not worth going thru it again. Crap.