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    Passing of John Waters

    Received a call yesterday evening regarding the passing of John Waters. John was a regular at Wister for many years; as well as a fisherman on many boats from San Diego to LA. John served as a CAL DFG Volunteer, a Penn Rep; a Pro Staffer for AA Lures, and member of the Compton Rod & Gun Club...
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    Robert Dean Reither

    If you are the above person or you know this guy send me a message. I found stuff of his at Wister Saturday evening. Thanks !!!
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    Car Show

    February 22nd is the 9th Annual Car Show at my church in Whittier. There will be 350+ cars on display. You can see details at Whittier Area Car Show. com. It starts at 9am, I would recommend coming early due to parking can be a drag. There will be Gourmet Food Trucks, Music, stuff for the...
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    Saturday the 28th

    Next Saturday night the daughters boyfriend, Henry Corrales fights for Bellator MMA at the Forum. This will be his first fight of "The Grand Prix tournament for a Million Bucks $$$. There will be 8 fights, not all next Saturday, for the Belt and the Bucks. Henry has been working really hard...
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    Saturday the 7th

    Hunted a little North of Holtville Saturday with my nephew. It was lights out there for a bit. Nephew got his 1st limit of Dove; he had previously hunted with me 5 times. His personal best before Saturday was 8. Great kid so I am very happy for him !! I had finished my limit, walked over to the...
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    25 Days and nothin !!

    25 days till the 2019 Dove Opener and not a peep on here !!! Lol !!
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    Changes in Calico Bass size limits

    I was talking to a guy at my Union meeting; he stated that in May of this year CAL DFG raised the size limits for Calicos from 14" to 16". I have looked online but don't see anything regarding changes. Maybe the guy didn't know what the hell he was talking about ?? You guys/gals no any...
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    Trailer Space

    Now that waterfowl season is over I am looking for a spot to store my 6' x 6' x 12' long decoy trailer; lost my old spot. Wondering if any tof'ers have or know someone that has the space; not really into paying what storage facilities want monthly. Thanks, Kevin
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    Saturday Nights Bellator Fight

    Hey all, check out the princesses boyfriend fighting this last Saturday night at the Forum. It was an amazing fight !! The hype train for this kid Aaron Pico was and is unbelievable ! Granted he was a Golden Glove Boxer and just missed making the Olympics as a wrestler; but there is a big...
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    Las Vegas ducking

    Anyone here ever hunted ducks and geese near Sin City. Company is sending me to work on the Raiders stadium for 6-8 weeks. I have been looking online regarding Federal and State refuges. Will only be looking for Public spots ?? Thanks for any help !!
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    Idaho TOFer’s

    So the wife and I are going on a road trip to look at houses or property to have a home built on around the Boise area. Somewhere North, Northwest or West of Boise is what we are thinking. Any of you guys/gals that are transplants or have family or friends that are waterfowlers have any...
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    Prayers needed

    Please join my wife, family and I in praying for our son Garrett and his team He leaves today for a 6 month deployment into Afghanistan , his 2nd time there. Thanks, and God Bless !!!
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    Pico Rivera Teacher/Councilman

    Guys/Gals check out the videos on line of Pico Rivera City Councilman and El Rancho High School Teacher Gregory Salcedo's anti military rant where he belittles a male student for wearing a Marine Corp sweatshirt. I dont know how to post the videos recorded by the student; but I am sure some of...
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    Saturday night

    The princesses boyfriend Henry Corrales fights at The Forum for Bellator. He is fighting on the Main Card which will be televised; hope you all will root for Henry to win his first fight of 2018. Hell of a way to make a living !!!!
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    GHG Full Body Honker Decoys

    Selling 16 GHG Full Body Honker Decoys with flocked heads and detachable real feet bases. Only used a couple of times. $200 for all, not willing to split up. IMG_0786 (1).JPG
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    Whittier Police Officer

    Hey all please pray for the Family of Keith Boyer !! He was killed this morning in the line of duty responding to a accident call. The POS who shot him was released a week or so ago under Cali's early release program. Enough about this shithead !! Keith was raised in Whittier, served for many...
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    Best Xmas Gift

    Ever !! Friday, Dec. 23rd our son is coming home for Christmas; since he is serving our country, we have missed the last 3 Xmas's together. Last year he was deployed to South Korea, the 2 before that he was in the Middle East. So you might be thinking "that is the Best Xmas gift" !! Its not ...
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    Do Not Sign Petition

    There is an email petition goin around from "" regarding californians vetoing Gov. Browns signing of the gun bills recently. Do Not Sign this petition !!!!'s founder and ceo is Ben Rattay, a self proclaimed homosexual liber from San Francisco. If your interested look him...
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    Kinda last minute

    The princesses boyfriend (Henry "Ok" Corrales) will be fighting Aug. 26 (Friday night) at the Honda Center in Anaheim. I am really looking forward to this!!! This will be Henrys first fight local since joining Bellator. All his family and friends are going to be there to cheer him on!! It will...
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    Hunting License

    Hey all, what is the procedure to obtain a license if you have not had one in 25+ years. Trying to get my eldest brother to join me and his son on the opener for dove and maybe some goose hunting this fall. He has not purchased a license in 25+ years. Fiqure one of you might know ??? Thanks!!!