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  1. DesertRat

    No posts??

    Wow, TOF must definitely be dead... A Zone archery opened Saturday and not a single post...
  2. DesertRat

    Is TOF dead?

    Haven't been on this board in a while. Thought I'd take a look, for old times' sake. Blacktail deer, upland birds, etc. - pretty dead. Everyone move to FB? (I never use FB...)
  3. DesertRat

    D zone buck

    Took a day off to enjoy this great fall weather in the mountains. I was fortunate to have a chance to get this nice buck. 170 yards. Those non-lead bullets seem to work well.
  4. DesertRat

    First trad deer

    I finally got a recurve a couple years ago, and since then have been working on developing my shooting ability. Shooting a traditional bow is a lot of fun, but I also wanted to hunt with it. I got a deer tag last year, and put in some time in the hills, but was not able to get a good shot...
  5. DesertRat

    Desert Water = Birds

    Guys, I'll keep this short. Most of us love the desert and in particular love hunting quail, chukar and other game in the Mojave. Much of the eastern Mojave is part of the Mojave National Preserve, administered by the National Park Service. This proposed project by Cadiz, Inc. is, in my...