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  1. justanotherhandle

    Ladies have been dove hunting in America as early on as 1959!

    beautiful classy old mourning dove management video with a lady who shoots dove... ...and the trusty Labrador retriever has been in the dove field at least that long notice also that in the video the Missouri conservation commission man doesn't speak with a Southern accent
  2. justanotherhandle

    I'm interested in taking up hunting again after many years but...

    This is what I've observed various people say or given me the impressions about hunting over several decades: These following points may be myths, facts and/or half-truths: 1. finding a place to hunt lawfully and with consent of the person controlling the land is tough 2. finding a...
  3. justanotherhandle

    Hello from Laramie, WY!

    Is this the intro forum? Quick question: may off-topic threads be started in this forum? May I talk about home stereos and whatnot here?