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  1. ilovesprig

    J.A.K.E.S Day at the Range....2018

    Hi all, I'm the chairman again this year for the NWTF's "JAKES Day at the Range" at Escondido Fish & Game Assoc's shooting range near Lake Wohlford on June 23rd. Sign-ups start on June 1st....Don't be late to call.....We were sold out for the 105 spots by 2:00 pm last year. Event includes...
  2. ilovesprig

    NWTF Spring Turkey Tune-Up 2018

    Well, it's getting to be that time of year.....Thoughts of big toms and wild turkeys.....This years San Diego Chapter of NWTF's Spring Turkey Tune-Up will again be at Lake Sutherland....Saturday Feb, 17th. The event starts 8:30 am. Program starts at 9:00 am with F & W wardens, Cleveland NF...
  3. ilovesprig

    Studly D-16 Buck Down

    Took Stefanie out deer hunting a few days ago for the 1st time this year....And she bagged a beautiful big heavy 3x3 buck....Her patience and steadiness is amazing....Boom....One shot from her little Savage .243, straight thru the heart......Oh, and she likes organic food.....Well, this meat...
  4. ilovesprig

    Better start stock piling!

    Here are the requirements for selling shells...... :smiley-shakehead-blue: . Proposed Calif. ‘Ammunition Vendor License’ Regulations Open for Comment until Sept. 12 The California Department of Justice is currently accepting...
  5. ilovesprig

    How are the Dodgers doing?

    How's 61-29 grab ya?.....Best record in baseball............... :smiley-punker-rock-on: 2 dingers for ALL-STAR Justin Turner today..... :2w6rz9f_th: .
  6. ilovesprig

    Happy Hunting

    Has any one seen this movie?....Me and a couple of other old guys (Cliff & Joe) from Wister were filmed in the Buckshot for the movie....Don't know if we made the final cut.....Here's the trailer....Many of you will reconize much of it. .
  7. ilovesprig

    Rabbit Opener 2017

    Hunted solo yesterday and got my 5 by 7:30 am....All with my Beeman GS 1000 pellet gun....Not alot of rabbits seen with such tall mustard and grasses. This morning I went out with Jacob and it was a whole different ball game (young eyes I got the 1st one with a 45 yd...
  8. ilovesprig

    Canada Breeding Report 2017

    Lookin' good up north.....Last year the southern section of Alberta was very dry.....Hoping summer rains keep the ponds full till September..... :smiley-wnk-yellow: .
  9. ilovesprig

    J.A.K.E.S Day at the Range.....2017

    Hi all, I am again the chairman for this years annual J.A.K.E.S. event. Scheduled for June 24th, 2017 at the Escondido Fish & Game shooting range (east end of Lake Wohlford). As in years past, I'm asking for donations for this great event for the introduction of kids to the shooting of .22's...
  10. ilovesprig

    Utah Turkey Hunt 2017

    Last Sunday I got the dreaded call from Gen (The Matagi), that he had been hurt chasing a bad guy and he wouldn't be able to go to Utah.....So it was either go turkey hunting solo or stay home.....Easy decision, solo it would be.....In the decision, I knew I had talked to TOF internet buddy...
  11. ilovesprig

    MCC & Birthday wishes

    Spent 3 days at Lake Henshaw cabins with family & friends.....Weather was great, food was great, and the gobblers were gobbling.....MCC gave up 20 toms.....4 longs & 16 jakes. I headed the best 40 acres in San Diego both days.....And it was less than the best Saturday.....Of course, poachers...
  12. ilovesprig

    Anybody Home Today?

    Not one post since last night?...... :smiley-wave-hello-yellow: Ok......Here's a duck video...... :smiley-ugly-lol-bashing-sign: .
  13. ilovesprig

    Trump Announces Sale of California

    PRESIDENT TRUMP ANNOUNCES SALE OF CALIFORNIA TO MEXICO WASHINGTON (AP) - at 12:15pm today President Trump disclosed that he has reached an agreement with Enrique Pena Nieto, President of Mexico, which provides for the sale of substantially all of the State of California to the country...
  14. ilovesprig


    I think this is the worst (best) storm yet......Mystic & Baldwin lake, here we come..... :smiley-thumbs-up-aqua: .
  15. ilovesprig

    7th Annual NWTF Youth mentored Turkey Hunt

    Just a reminder that the drawing for the 7th Annual NWTF Mentored Turkey hunt on the Santa Ysabel Preserve is this Saturday.....March 4th at the Ramona Senior Ctr. in Ramona (San Diego Co.). The event starts at 9:00 am and you must be registered for the hunt draws by10:30 am.....The drawing...
  16. ilovesprig

    Say it Ain't So.....Arizona & NM

    Well our friends from HSUS & others are going after big cats in Arizona......And the same bunch are going after trappers in New Mexico.....The difference here is, I think both states are controlled by Republicans...
  17. ilovesprig

    NWTF Spring Turkey Tune-Up 2017

    Hi guys, The annual NWTF Spring Turkey Tune-Up is Saturday Feb, 18th, 2017.....The location is back at Lake Sutherland.....The format this year will include patterning of shotgun & bows.....The latest you can get in the drawing is 11:15 pm......Drawing will start at 11:30 pm. The cost for the...
  18. ilovesprig

    San Diego Co. CWA Banquet

    Hi guys, Great event coming up Feb 10th at Carlton Oaks Golf Course......Starts at 6:00 pm.....Dinner served at 7:00 pm.....Tickets are $65.00, $95.00 for couples, $45.00 for youths, & $40.00 for us life members. If you'd like to register on line go on CWA...
  19. ilovesprig

    Outfitter & Client Shot in New Mexico
  20. ilovesprig


    One of the great college football games of all time.....SC 52....Penn State....49 Love the college game......Go Oklahoma & Alabama .