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  1. jkent

    First bird

    Daughter got her first bird today. A stud Cinny. Proud daddy !!! Hope everyone's Jr hunt was great.
  2. jkent

    Jr hunts and taxidermy

    Excited to be hunting with my daughter this weekend for her first hunting trip where she's actually hunting. Like many of you happy dads and moms, this is a great way to expose the sport we love so much to the next generation. It's also a time when we proud parents look to keep these memories in...
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  4. jkent

    Haven't posted in a while

  5. jkent

    Couple Teal mounts

  6. jkent


    Figured out how to post....attached are some of my latest work.
  7. jkent


    Thanks mallardfireman for hooking me up to this site......Hopfully good hunting for us in the morning...